Saturday, May 17, 2008

There really are NO words to describe the debut of Candace Parker. The woman was incredible. Now I have watched her whole entire career at UT, and had not seen her jumper THAT fluid. The 3 was like "silk", and the passes were Magic Johnson esque, it must just be and LA On the real though, I have never seen a more impressive debut in the history of the WNBA, and I have been watching since the inaugural season. I have been a Sparks fan now for 12yrs, and they haven't looked "this" good since '01-'02. LA is being painted orange, and it looks so good. The only thing I want her to work on is those free-throws, the girl could have finished with 41pts. I know that may sound petty, but it's the only "flaw" I could find for today's she can continue to have something to work on.

Shannon Bobbitt's debut was not as "spectacular" as Candace's, but she played very solid off the bench. She ran the offense very well for the Sparks, just like she did at UT, and she hit a 3. What I really like is her high basketball IQ! It cannot be easy to go into different situations (UT/Sparks) and pick up the offense that quickly and run it. If TJ doesn't watch it, she will be coming off of the bench, please believe it.

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