Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fear Not, Believe ONLY!!!

At this time in Lakerland it "seems" bleak, but it should not be so right now. I have watched the Lakers in 3 decades now, and I have had far more UPs than DOWNS! I have seen some of the most (what I call) horrendous breakdowns, and some of the most exhilarating comebacks! And what we as fans of the game are about to witness is the FIRST EVER COMEBACK IN THE NBA FINALS FROM A 3-1 DEFICIT!

I know people are thinking, this person just loves the Lakers, and is talking with her heart as a fan, but know that I just TRULY BELIEVE. This team has all the components to become NBA CHAMPIONS THIS SEASON, and that's exactly what will HAPPEN!This is not about having the best closer in the game (Kobe Bryant), or the Hall of Fame coach with Phil Jackson, it's because we have a TEAM! A team made up of basketball BROTHERS! A team that has the DNA of Kobe Bryant, that I will not lose DNA!


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