Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Got to be hard being the face

of ANY franchise, and Candace Parker is now TRULY finding that out from her peers. After this incident b/w the 2 teams (la/detroit) I can only imagine the headaches she has endured. Headaches of making sure you "smile", say the right things, be open to people, interview after interview, commercial(s) (i'm sure gatorade will start those), promos and so on. People who know NOTHING about wbb, know who Candace Parker is and she is only 22. So who sat her down and told her what to do if you get "stole" on in a game, or approached in a certain manner. She has heard that she is a "target" but in college that just meant..getting you in foul trouble or being doubled or tripled team, but NOW there is 'money' involved, players egos, cities, and ex-NBA players bringing in the "thrill of a rivalry", and here is Parker in the span of 24/hrs transitioning into this world, and taking it by STORM, and some don't LIKE it! Even when Tina Thompson became the 1st number 1 pick she was never "targeted" not even after winning 4 championships in a row. Latoya Thomas, Monique Currie, Lauren Jackson (though) everyone realizes she is one of the best things going in the game right now. She gets everyone best game...yet she has not had to truly carry the "wnba banner". And maybe that's because she is an international player. Who knows! I just pray for this entire CLASS, because they are going to need it. Because those who opened up this league in 1997 are getting ready to bow out gracefully (i guess but with nancy lieberman playing) who!

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