Thursday, July 24, 2008

The rookies impact in the WNBA too much for the vets?

This is the FIRST true season of the WNBA that there has been a plethora of rookies that come into the league in the same season and make a GREAT IMPACT. With all of the commotion b/w LA and Detroit, Minnesota rookie Candice "got into" a lil bit with sue bird and swin cash...and i'm not saying it was a big deal. Yet I am wondering is there "some' animosity towards these young players coming in? The majority of them are in the starting line-ups for their perspective teams, taking out some of the veteran players. This is not like previous years when you had maybe 1 or 2 impact players coming in. So this doesn't surprise me to have a "melee" as they called it to take place...because the vets need to be worried...or better yet taking the time to see the league truly GROW with more versatile talent, marketability, and SKILL! I say the 1st true season because when leslie them came in it was the beginning of the league.

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