Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanking CP3 For Staying Humble

The mark of a TRUE champion is their ability to remember and acknowledge the road it took for them to get to that point! That's why as a fan, a woman, a Christian, a mother, a professional, I can take the time to give props to this young lady, who has NOT even scratched the surface of her life's mission! Basketball is her avenue, but because she believed and put in the work, other avenues have opened up, and the sky is NOT the limit for her, but her FAITH is! That is remarkable for all of us to understand, because in the midst of all the fame/money/and we can only guess what else, she remembers! She signs autographs, because there was a time when she wanted an autograph, she responds to those she can on her sites, because she knows how much it will mean to the ones who reach out to her! She poses for pictures, because she remembers being in that person shoes, and one day no one may not ask her for her picture, and yet her mark on this world will have been established.
For every young lady reading this, we have read the bio's of Candace Parker, watched her grow on a national level, to now internationally, all informally, and now she is taking the time to make it as PERSONAL as she can. You know she has a scripture tatooed on her left wrist (i believe) Luke 12:48-To whom much is given, much is required! But there is more to that scripture that says, and of him to whom men entrust much, they will require and demand all the more. (amplified version) Candace is certainly doing all she can to follow this WORD!
You know I see players having basketball camps that cost upwards of $1000, and I'm not here to say how they should do business, but I do wish that more would come to their communities and offer some things to those kids for free, especially the ones who have the skills, but can't afford the camps! You know it's the PRICE of FAME! And this young lady is just had her first season, ummm uhhh WNBA R.O.Y., MVP, and has begun to organize a way to get money for possible scholarships....R U Serious...!
Nuff Said

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