Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Speaking Lakernese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m speaking LAKERNESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could begin this FIRE TIRADE with all type of things that went wrong in this game and taking accountability for my teams’ inability to buy a basket in the first quarter, but for once I am going to just fly off the handle about some of the things the players on the floor COULD NOT CONTROL: THE REFS, PHILS SUBSTITUTIONS, & PAU GASOL SIMPLY RUNNING OUT OF GAS!

Let’s get the thing about the refs out of the way first, when the Lakers started this game, it was bad from the tip when Drew miss timed his jump. Scola was playing outside of himself, and yet this game did not have the same DRUBBING feeling of game 4. But after the first half Chuck Hayes had 3 fouls, and lakers had 12! All I ever ask from refs is to stay consistent in a game, if it’s over the back on one end it’s the same on the other. I watched Gasol get a rebound and Landry come over the top and mug him. Now Pau should have kept the ball, but it’s still over the back. Lamar Odom go up for a rebound get pushed in the back No Call, come down on next play and Bynum get’s called for a push off, it’s just painful when it’s playoff games! People are really mistaken if they truly believe that adjusting to the way the refs call the games does not affect or should not affect if a player is aggressive or not! If Kobe continues to go to the hole, and get NO calls, he adjusts that part of his game, which could be costly. Yet I hear analyst scream out Kobe is not aggressive enough, or the big men are passive, but anything aggressive generally ends with cheap foul calls. Have the refs bought into the analyst crap that the ROCKETS DO NOT FOUL when people come into the lane? selah

Now Phil Jackson’s substitutions are becoming suspect to me. We already know the greatness that is Phil Jackson, but playing Fisher so long in the first quarter IN THIS SERIES, is not the answer. Just like Farmar played sparingly during the Utah series, Fisher should be doing the same in this series. Yet when Jordan does come in, hit a 3, plays descent D on Brooks, he takes him out and put in Vujacic (who can’t buy a bucket)! I just don’t understand! It’s the pg play that TRULY hurts our team, so why not stop it from the beginning?

Pau Gasol, WOW! Not here to talk bad about Pau Gasol, because he has truly been the one CONSISTENT proponent on our team, and with that said, I think he is running out of GAS! It’s times when he seem to be able to turn it on for like 5 minute stretches and then next game he is laboring up and down the floor. Tonight was a great example. Scola was letting him have it specifically, and he could do nothing! He didn’t have those blocks like game 5, but when he did assert himself, nothing but field goals. If Kobe Bryant has to hit u upside the head, in a timeout, things are not looking good!

In conclusion, the analyst have ALL decided they will NOT pick the LAKERS anymore past this series! From Mark Jackson to Stephen A Smith, who also added through twitter that Kobe Bryant HAS ABSOLUTELY NO HELP! From Gasol to Odom, no one is stepping up to help him put this team away! How do the analyst go from LeBron is MVP because he has less to work with, to Kobe team is too young, and though talented just has NO HEART, to the Lakers will not go back to the Finals? The Celtics have been fighting for their lives in the playoffs, back last season and this season, and they are NoT getting the slack we are getting. When we lost Bynum for a minute, their was no COMPASSION for us, kg is out, and the Celtics are the veterans that find a way to win, albeit in Game 7’s? You know what I guess the best way to look at this is when Kobe Bryant is hugging that trophy in June, with tears streaming down his face, I don’t want to hear a word from these same analysts! It’s a spirited game, and I can understand that, but the Lakers are not the first to team to go to a game 7 in these playoffs, so get off of our backs, all that matters in the end is that we win that game, and keep it moving. And don’t be so quick to jump on the Nuggets bandwagon because they have not played any team up to par with them yet, so I look forward to a great WCF’s!

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