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Chamique Holdsclaw Returns to the WNBA

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Sparks 82, Storm 55 (F)

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Every since 1998 these two ladies have been going at it. It all started in the World Championships. Lisa Leslie has been getting the best of Lauren Jackson when it counts the most, on the WORLD stage, but Lauren Jackson has been coming for that #1 spot for a minute. I know that when Lauren won her WNBA championship in 2004, she felt some of the weight being lifted off of her, but yet the olympics still proved that Lisa was the best center in the world.
Now mind you I am biased here...and ANYTIME I hear someone say that Lauren Jackson is the best female basketball player on the planet..I just shake my head in disgust..it's like the Kobe and Lebron debate all over again! Lisa Leslie is the BEST female center to ever play the game! Why? 101pts in a game, 4 gold medals, 2 wnba championships..nuff said. I'm not even going into the MVP's or the fact that she is the All-Time Scoring leader in the WNBA.
The sad part for Lauren is that right now she is considered the best in the league, and it's mainly because Lisa Leslie is 35yrs old and out with an injury, and THE BEST FEMALE BASKETBALL PLAYER OF THIS GENERATION HAS YET TO LACE THEM UP THIS SEASON..so it's like when the Spurs won the championship the year the NBA was a short season...like by default. Now don't get me wrong...I know the "worth" of Lauren Jackson, and I am not ignorant to all she has accomplished, but ease up on the BEST STATEMENTS, cause there are still 27 games to go, and the Sparks have yet to get their 2 best players on the floor at the same time. THAT'S SCARY...GIVE ME LISA!


The Los Angeles Sparks and the Detroit Shock are at the bottom of their perspective divisions right now, and their are A LOT OF EXCUSES AS TO WHY, but can excuses really be used?
Let's start with my BELOVED Sparks, who are 2-5 right now! The two wins coming at home. When this season started, once again the Sparks were predicted virtually by every GM to win the WNBA title, but turbulence has struck the favorites due to injury by Lisa Leslie, and the pregnancy of Candace Parker. Candace Parker delivered a beautiful baby girl on May 13, 2009 with husband Shelden Williams, but the Sparks picked up LA native Tina Thompson, who was a free agent due to the collapse of the Houston Comets,who also avg 18ppg in Houston. Then their was the acquisition of all-star shooting guard Betty Lennox, who in my opinion has the mentality of Kobe Bryant on the court when she is allowed to roam free. So now tell me why is this team 2-5?
Well the Sparks started off their season with a very impressive win over the Detroit Shock at the Staples Center!Everything seemed to be clicking well for the team, until Detroit made 1 adjustment...ZONE! The first half of that game the Sparks scored 52 points, and in the second half they only scored 26pts. But that was only the beginning, in the game against Phoenix, the Sparks were in control and Lisa Leslie went down...and here we are! This has not been a great home-coming so far for Tina, but because she understands adversity, she is their helping the younger players to know it's a long season.
The Detroit Shock on the other hand have been challenged in several different ways, from injury, to losing the most winningest ACTIVE coaches in the WNBA, Bill Laimbeer. I don't have a lot to say about the Shock, but I do want the fans to tell me, which team will be above .500 first, and what it's going to take for them to get their.

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Los Angeles Lakers Custody Battle


WNBA Recap: Fever 82, Shock 70

#5 Derrick Brown - Xavier's Highflyer

A Possible selection for the Lakers in the first round!

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Ron Artest being Ron Artest


So after watching Game 3 last night, I wanted to begin to write my thoughts, but I had SO MUCH going on, but the one thing that continued to stick out was: WHY IS LARRY OBRIEN TROPHY PLAYING HIDE-AND-SEEK WITH KOBE BRYANT, AND THE LAKERS? LakersNation, let’s take it back to 2003-2004, the Lakers go out and get Karl Malone and Gary Payton arguably two future hall of famers, and the Lakers are on a roll, and back in the finals against the up and coming Detroit Pistons, and what happens….KARL MALONE SUFFERS HIS FIRST MAJOR KNEE INJURY, and he goes out, and the Pistons go nuts, and our Lakers lose the series 4-1. The team implodes, and our Lakers go in a downward spiral. But not to VISIT that history too much, let’s fast-forward to 2007-2008 and things turn around in a big way…we were praying for Kevin Garnett (willing to give up Bynum & Gasol), but we get something BETTER, yea I said better, we got Pau Gasol, for NOTHING…and we get the Fish back and the Lakers were marching back to the finals, with EASE! Yet in the finals versus Boston we were SERIOUSLY outplayed, and suffered a crushing defeat. Possibly that would have been Kobe’s 5th ring, and the Lakers 16th, and now the Lakers are back again, with a CHIP on their players, and in a big close out game that can give the Lakers a COMMANDING 3 games to 0 lead, our SUPERSTAR, THE BEST ON THE PLANET, (DON’T GET IT TWISTED) missed 5 free throws, and a crucial turnover! I’m not even going to say anything else bad about Kobe or the Lakers as a whole, because it was a miracle that the Lakers actually had many opportunities to win this game…Kobe will NEVER DO THAT AGAIN, in a game of this magnitude.

Much has been said about Kobe “hitting a wall” but his response to that is: “so what if I did, I’ll just run right through it!” That tells me that no matter how “elusive” this 4th championship is attempting to be, in 2009 Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers have found it “ducking in the corner”, yet giving off a GOLDEN GLOW, not being able to truly hide itself…always smiling, but being a big “tease”! I don’t think the Lakers will allow this Trophy to get away this time, it’s like meeting up with the love of your life one more time, and you are refusing to go home without him/her! ATTAINING THE CHAMPIONSHIP IS ABOUT TIMING, AND LAKERNATION IT’S THE LAKERS TIME! It was also TIME for the Orlando Magic to get their first ever NBA Finals win, so congratulations magic fans, what you were suppose to receive you got it, now MOVE OVER, cause the LakerShow is coming for the gold.

Sidenote: The Orlando Magic is now 7-0 at home when 7yr old Gina Marie Incandela sings the national anthem, that includes last night game, so now it’s going to be a shame that this beautiful little girl will have to take her first “L” of her career…lol. Hey they put her in this…lol. LAKER WORLD ORDER STAND UP!

For more great laker news, and podcasts, check out www.thelakernation.com.

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Dream 87, Fever 86 (F)

Sparks 78, Shock 58 (F)

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Get Ready for the Laker games with Jay Rock

LA Sparks vs Detroit Shock opening day 2009

The Los Angeles Sparks opened their WNBA season versus the defending champs-Detroit Shock. No one ever knows what to expect when these two teams hit the floor(no pun intended) after the fracas from last year starring Candace Parker and Plenette Pierson. Yet today showed two entirely different teams, the Sparks showing off their star-studded lineup with 4 time WNBA champion Tina Thompson(of the now defunct Houston Comets) and 2004 Finals MVP Betty Lennox, who was waived by the Atlanta dream after last season...still shaking my head on that move. Today as the Sparks took the floor, I just wanted to see if I could "identify" this team on the floor. Starters: PG Kristi Harrower SG Betty Lennox SF Tina Thompson PF Delisha Milton Jones C Lisa Leslie, each person on the floor know what it's like to be a MAJOR contributor for their previous teams, so how would they be willing to sacrifice their games? Well they started with going into the CAPTAIN (Lisa Leslie)from the beginning, but she was off, so as she passed out of double teams, Tina Thompson and Betty Lennox took the cue and went bananas! Tina finished with 18pts/6brds, and Lennox had a double double with 17pts/10brds...one of the best rebounding guards in the league, the other being Alexis Hornbuckle for the Shock.

Deuce Deuce is truly going to be the key to this Sparks team. They are DEEP one through 11, and if Betty Lennox can keep her "cool" she will have her second WNBA Championship. Lisa Leslie shot a dismal 3-11 today and the Sparks were still up by 20, on the play of Tina Thompson and Betty Lennox, also the bench came in and did their job as well. Shannon Bobbitt is on the bench right now, playing behind Noelle Quinn and Kristi Harrower, but she just needs to be patient, because when they need to speed the team up, their is NO BETTER guard.
The Sparks will have to work their offense against a zone defense, because once Detroit began to play zone, the Sparks offense stalled greatly. Yet I believe Michael Cooper will make the correct adjustments. Oh yea I must mention the play of Vanessa Hayden. She was magnificent, 12pts/3rbs in 20minutes of play (going 6-6). So her scoring help to make up for Lisa's average.
Well the Sparks get to do this again on Monday when they are in Detroit, watching the ring ceremony, hopefully that will get them fired up. Plenette Pierson got tangled up with Tina Thompson today and ended up falling on that bad shoulder, and was out for the rest of the game...Kara Braxton is suspended for 6gms for D.U.I., and Cheryl Ford was still out from tearing her ACL, so they are short-handed right now, but nonetheless a great win for the Sparks in their quest for the Championship.

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Michelle Snow and Angel McCoughtry Dunk at Dream 2009 Media Day Shoot

Angel McCoughtry got ups! we may see a lot of Dunks this season in the WNBA.

Kobe and LeBron: Mutual Respect

I'm Causcian..funny parody of Kanye west "Amazin"

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A Fans Perspective of The Los Angeles Sparks 2009

The Los Angeles Sparks are about to embark on the opportunity of a lifetime as an organization! The Sparks fell short of their goal last season. They were 1.3 seconds away from advancing to the WNBA finals.(Darn that Sophia Young..lol)! Now they start this season off with a lot SPARKS..ha...Candace Parker aka CP3 aka female MAGIC aka anything you can do I can do better, aka Mrs ESPN the Magazine aka the WNBA's first female TRUE MARKETERS DREAM..is OUT at the beginning of the season! I do honestly believe the WNBA is "strong" enough to hold on until Candace Parker grace the court again! The pregnancy of Candace came out of no where, but it's probably the best thing that could have happened to the Sparks as well as the WNBA. This young lady just turned 23 years old and has nowhere but UP to go in her career. I'm not sure when she will get the "motherhood" bug again, but hopefully little Laila will keep her very busy for a minute.

Now the L.A. Sparks will be the favorites to win the WNBA Championship, as they should be. Boasting a lineup of 4 olympians (3 until CP3 return), and a year older Shannon Bobbitt in the backcourt, with a sharp shooter in Betty Lennox (a Finals MVP with Seattle), 1-10 the Sparks have the best team. I know a lot of people want to see Shannon Bobbitt gone this year, but they truly do not respect this young lady for what she brings to this team. She has a mental toughness that's is hard to find in ANY athelete...unless your name is Kobe Bryant! No I'm not saying that Shannon is as good as KB24 skill wise, but she loves winning as much as he do!So Sparks fans I promise you, just like people questioned Pat Summitt when she brought Shannon into the #1 program in women College Basketball history, to play along side the #1 player in the country at the time in CP3. Whether your point guard can score or not, the most important part is running the offense, and I believe she is ready to do just that. The woman was a rookie last year, give her a break.
After watching the Sparks only preseason game of this season, versus the Conneticut Sun, Sparks fan better be thanking THE LORD for the signing of Tina Thompson!Tina Thompson has not LOST a thing, but maybe speed on the defensive end. She hit 2 three's in this game in transition, and pulled the guns out. Oh it's so good to see her in the purple and gold. Lisa was just being Lisa, dominating on the boards, and playing hard all the time. Yet my focus was on the guard play. Noelle Quinn started this game, and was totally INEFFECTIVE! Turnover after turnover she was not able to get the team going on any level. Then I watched Kristi Harrower come into the game, she was steady, and actually did very well, being that she just came into camp like the day before. I could see her and Shannon Bobbitt being the point guards on this team. The shooting guard spot is a win-win! Betty Lennox with no doubt will be starting, and having Marie Ferdinand-Harris or even Marta Fernandez as a backup is great options for the Sparks. The center position to me is a no-brainer, Vanessa Hayden is the backup to Lisa Leslie. The play of Hayden in that preseason game was classic. I love Jessica Moore because she is a hard-working player, and has been with the Sparks for years, but I think for this championship run, and having to trim down the rosters, she will be the odd woman out. Delisha Milton-Jones is the X-factor for this team to possibly be the first team in WNBA histor to go undefeated in the regular season! It's a mini USA basketball team. Even if Candace Parker comes in and be a "shell" of herself, it only gives this team a greater chance of becoming a dynasty! Lisa Leslie shouldn't worry at all, as long as this team stays focus, the WNBA CHAMPIONSHIP IS ASSURED!


Why It's A Must Win for the Lakers