Thursday, July 9, 2009


LAKERNATIONNNNNNNN…STAND UP! I am going to be hyping up this rivalry throughout this upcoming season. The green machine has went out and added Rasheed Wallace, and yet I’m still not “shaking” in my boots. Man but it’s so intriguing to think of a possible finals with our LAKERS matched up against the celts-(Fisher, Bryant, Artest, Gasol, & Bynum) against (rondo, allen, pierce, garnett, and perkins)…I think they will bring Perkins off the bench, and as long as we get Lamar back, advantage Lakers!

When you watch the press conference, and you hear Rasheed speaking about the “team”, and how the big four came with the UNITED front, and hearing kg talk just makes my ears cringe. I thought the Lakers were the ones that were suppose to be “Hollywood”, but I felt like I was hearing so many rehearsed lines coming out of kg mouth, it was like watching a bootleg Tyler Perry Play!lol

No but really though, kg believes that the balance of “power” just shifted back to Boston, but LAKERNATION we beg to differ…the POWER IS NOW back where it belongs in LOS ANGELES! Chew on ROYALTY celtics, cause the LARRY O’BRIEN TROPHY is where it belongs, DECORATED IN PURPLE AND GOLD, true ROYALTY!

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