Saturday, July 25, 2009

How Close is Lamar to signing back with the Heat?

It’s like this…Having Odom just gives insurance…but having him, and not having Bynum last year=no ring, and a pitiful display in the finals against a healthy celtic team. Understand with our current team w/o Odom, Cleveland is NOT BETTER THAN US FOR SURE..they added Shaq, & they still not better than Boston or Orlando in my opinion. So as bad as I want Lamar to sign with us…I know Miami WILL NOT make it past the first round in the east, unless they playing the hawks, and it’s still not a guarantee, especially with the Knicks offering up David Lee for Boozer. Bynum was a foul magnet in the playoffs, but let’s not 4get, in Kobe’s first playoffs he was shooting airballs. Bynum steps on a teammates feet, gets injured then Kobe falls into his knee and he is injured, and now we have NO confidence in the young man. We all seen the work he put into his game in the off season. He gave up his place at US mini camp, because he wants to rehabilitate his then 90% healed knee. When the days come when the ball must go into the paint first, Bynum and Gasol will still prove to be all that Kobe needs to truly get the job done, oh and having Artest can be that insurance. No team in the West has become better than the Lakers in the west so our seat is guaranteed as long as we stick together…Lamar just SEALS it!I want Lamar on our team in the worst way…but I’m not convinced like everyone else that if he does not return we have no chance…having Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol always gives us a chance.

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