Thursday, July 2, 2009


The last day of June, one month into the WNBA season, the league just became OFFICIALLY WARNED! Yeah warned. Candace Parker-Williams began light practice with the team...and after almost 10months of not playing basketball..due to the pregnancy and birth of her daughter Lailaa Nicole...she "looks" like she will step on the court right now and put 20/5/5 on you in 25minutes. People that is NOT an exaggeration, understand the person we are talking about here: 2008 semi finals versus Texas A&M, Parker shoulder dislocates, not once, but twice...SHE RETURNS TO THE GAME, AND FOUND A WAY TO BE EFFECTIVE. She is side-lined with a knee injury her freshman season...comes back her sophomore season and is the Wade Trophy winner! Understand people this is no ordinary PLAYER..she is the equivalent of Magic Johnson, meaning she can play all 5 positions legitimately and at this point in her career she will only get better...yeah people she is only 23!!!!!

Parker is also a marketers dream! She is beautiful, intelligent, and has a good heart as well!She is constantly giving of herself to various community projects, and her fans! She has already transcended heights that had not been reached before in the WNBA, even with the names of Diana Taurasi, or Chamique Holdsclaw.
So LA Sparks fan, treat her with love, and never take her for granted, because this is the leader who will bring more championships to the city! Candace Nicole Parker welcome back!

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