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LD2K's "Kobe Championship Series: Defense"

LD2k's "Kobe CHAMPIONSHIP Series: Defense" from Chris Manning on Vimeo.

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Teammates: Lisa leslie and Tina Thompson

Two of The Best that Ever Did It!

Shaq Wearing a Pink Speedo

Only Shaq!

Dodge Ball: DWill and Korver

I See Green!!!!!!!

Hello LakerNation. I’m telling you guys I cannot wait for this season to get started. It will be the “drive for 5″ for Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher, Ron Artest hard defensive efforts will have finally paid off for him, and Phil Jackson will ensure that no other NBA coach ever catches him with an unprecedented 11th NBA Championship. I know I know, the season hasn’t even started yet and I have visions of Larry O’Brien trophy dancing in my head, but if you are reading this, I’m sure you have been seeing the same

Now let me tell you why I see green. In the summer of 2007, while my emotions were all over the place because of the situation going on between the Laker Brass and Kobe Bryant, my vision for the first time was just making it to the playoffs so I could be watching my boys play past April. I have been a Laker fan for a long time, and I could not remember the last time I felt that way, but not knowing if Dr.Buss would really ship Kobe off for a “group” of players that could not equal his talent all together, kept me up praying at night. I’m not kidding guys, the Lakers consumed me until training camp started and I seen Kobe still in purple and gold. I did not know how Andrew Bynum would react to Kobe’s infamous video…it was rough.

Somewhere far off, in a land where the sun barely shines, leprechauns run wild, ray allen signs, and our getgarnett campaign died. A three-headed monster was created. The monster popped up everywhere, on sportscenter commericals, on, even in my dreams…what a nightmare.

I watched the first home game of the season versus the Rockets, and heard the crowd boo Kobe! Yea you read correctly, Kobe was booed in Staples Center, but by the end of the second quarter those boo’s turned into cheers once again. Kobe Bryant was once again putting on a show(45pts/8rbs/4ast/4stl & record 27FT Attempts) for the crowd of entertainers, and die-hard fans. That type of display, even the haters would have to applaud. Andrew Bynum showed his great potential in that game with 14pts/13rbs, yet did not look like a “monster” the way the boys in green did.

December 30,2008 I watched my nightmare unfold right before my eyes. The celtics dominated the Lakers on every level. (did i just write that) Kobe was 6-25, and Bynum was on the bench, fouling out after 22minutes with 8pts/2rbs. While the 3headed monster combined for 74pts/20rbs. They were at that moment championship ready. But then a funny thing happened on February 1,2008: The acquisition of Pau Gasol. I won’t even take the time to explain how “prayer” really works…lol. The Lakers acquired Pau for nothing of significance, and you could see the joy return to Kobe’s eyes. Just like that, it wasn’t just the resurgence of the celtics, but the Lakers as well, and now the discussion of rivalry could really begin. Well we all know how that ended.

2007-08 saw the boys in green take home the Larry O’Brien trophy, where it trapped under some “rainbow” of hope that it would never depart. Only for 2008-09 to roll around and it returned to it’s rightful owner. Where it proudly sits with it’s 14 other friends, draped in the colors of royalty.

No matter how many more rings we win in the next 5 seasons (uuumm 5), if we don’t meet up with this 3headed monster, their will always be that lingering question of-how tough were the Lakers really? They never truly got to match up with a team like the celtics to really test them? blah blah blah.

Even with the re-tooling of the Cavs and Magic, I still see “green” coming out of the east. kevin garnett has issued the “challenge” saying “the celtics are going to win the next 2 NBA championships. Would someone please bottle up whatever drugs he taking so we can sell them…lol. Starting line-ups: Lakers-Fisher, Bryant, Artest, Gasol, & Bynum vs celtics-rondo, allen, pierce, garnett, & perkins. I hope they understand that the Lakers just got even more intense in the defensive area, and rondo will not have a field day against us, as most seem to think. Fisher minutes will certainly be limited this year during the regular season, and Shannon Brown is more than able to play rondo. Oh and kg, Gasol is a totally different animal than you experienced before. The battle of the benches pits Lamar Odom vs rasheed wallace, and I won’t take the time to explain Lakers advantage their. If wallace starts, their bench is non-existent (marquis daniels, shelden williams, eddie house vs josh powell, lamar odom, and farmar)…advantage Lakers. So there you have it…I see green.

Lakers vs celtics 2009-10 NBA Finals

Results Lakers in 6

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Kobe and Rondo going at It

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LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol: Taber Spani

LadyVolNation stand up! Hello BigOrange fans. Knoxville we have another shooter, she is 6'1, basketball intelligence beyond her years, and can shoot the 3 from anywhere in the building! Taber Spani was highly coveted by her father's alma mater K.State, but she grew up desiring to play for the BigOrange. She made a tough decision to come to Knoxville, rather than follow in the family tradition of going to K.State like her sister did, and we are grateful for that. She is a hard-nosed kid,(reminds me of Kara Lawson)and she has great court vision, so I believe the game just became a lot easier for all of our bigs.
I know that Taber has a relationship with God, she has been very open about that, coming from a private Christian School;reminding me of Shanna Zolman, who took Sidney Spencer under her wing, and we know how that worked out for us don't we, (national championship). Taber we look forward to seeing you on the court. Congratulations on your gold medal with the under 19 team. I want to see this line up: Stricklen,Spani,Bjorklund,Johnson,Cain! NCAAW Be afraid, be very afraid!

Hear Dey Come _Sparks Baby_.mp3

Hear Dey Come-LA Sparks

zSHARE - Hear Dey Come _Sparks Baby_.mp3

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LA Sparks on that Title Run!

Hello Sparks fans! We are finally Baaaallllliiiinnnn! The LA Sparks are on a winning streak(6)after defeating the Chicago Sky. I tell you what, this win streak could not have come at a better time, after this win the Sparks now sit in 3rd place in the west 2 games behind Seattle. What has caused this "dramatic" change for the Sparks you may ask, the team is healthy. Finally the entire team is ready to go. Well almost the entire team, Vanessa Hayden-Johnson sprained her ankle in the last game. Lisa Leslie has come back from a knee injury averaging 18pts/10rbs, and the reigning MVP is playing like it again. It only took this SUPERSTAR 2mos to be back at MVP form. In spite of not playing in the first 8 games of the season, Candace Parker now lead the league in double doubles with 9! Yes, Ms you know my name, and you know my worth...I'm the face of the League..I am Candace Parker!
And what else can you say about Lisa Leslie? She has now scored over 6000pts...and since the injury to her knee, she has come out on fire. She is now playing like this is her final season and she wants to make sure it does not end prematurely! Last season Lisa and Candace came up 1.3 seconds short of reaching their destination, and they had far less talent then they have now. With Tina Thompson and Betty Lennox, along with Noelle Quinn(who has turned out to be a baller)the Sparks have the perfect set of "role" players to go all the way.
So Seattle Storm here we come! I suggest you get out of that #2 spot, and drop to fourth, because you don't want to see us in the first round, and watch a repeat of last season. Even with Lauren Jackson in the line up this time, we won't be denied. Lauren Jackson and Lisa Leslie's rivalry goes back a long way, and unfortunately for her, she came when Lisa was just getting started. The olympics, and the WNBA, wherever Lisa is, Lauren has NO win. This is going to be a great story for Lisa to tell Lauren about how her team started the season horribly, but turned it around at the right time and she won her 3rd WNBA title before she retired.

Be sure to check out the Song "Here Dey Come (Sparks Baby)...written by Mr.Floz you can hit him up on let him know what you think about it.

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Kobe Bryant - "Untouchable"

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LD2k's "K.C.S." Teaser Trailer

Kobe Championship Series

LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol:Angie BBBjorklund!

Well let's start this introduction off like this: Wooden Award Announces Women's 09-10 Preseason Candidates-Los Angeles--Richard "Duke" Llewellyn, John R. Wooden Award Chairman and founder, announced the 2009-10 preseason candidates for the Women's Wooden Award today. Included on the list is University of Tennessee Lady Vol basketball junior guard/forward Angie Bjorklund (Spokane Valley, Wash.). The list is comprised of 31 student athletes who, based on last year's individual performance and team records, are the frontrunners for one of college basketball's prestigious honors.

Bjorklund, a 6'0" sharpshooter, will be the elderstateswoman of a Lady Vol team with no seniors on the roster. Last year, she averaged 12.3 ppg and 3.0 rpg while leading Tennessee from the three-point with 62 treys on 40.8 percent accuracy.

Now that we have those "particulars" out the way, LadyVol fans understand that Angie getting her shot this year will be just like watching Shanna Zolman in her senior year. How you say? Because with Glory Johnson, Lyssi Brewer, Kelly Cain, and Shekinna Stricklen on the floor, the defense head is going to be SPINNING! Angie shot was off last year because she had to work real hard just to get her shot off, but now that she has a team with a year of experience under it's belt, teammates with a Rock of Gilbrator on their shoulder, all 34 regular season opponents better be scared. In her own words: "We worked hard today and you can tell the effort that we put in over the summer. Everyone`s attitude is great, our confidence is high and our conditioning is strong," said junior Angie Bjorklund. "We went through our testing this morning with Heather (Mason, Lady Vol Strength & Conditioning Coach) and everyone had a great performance. I'm very proud of the work we did over the summer in the gym on our own and in our strength and conditioning programs." The only thing I want to Angie to understand is that she is 6'0, and most of the 2 guards she goes against are a lot shorter, they can't block your shot...take the
LadyVolNation I hear the sound of something don't you? I hear the sound of Angie B making it rain. Say goodbye to the all-time 3pointers made (at 7, in which she is tied with Shanna Zolman)! I can't wait!

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LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol: Kamiko Williams

Hello LadyVolNation. I'm back again, this time to introduce you all to the 1st of 3 newcomers to this high octane team. I'm going to put her stats up (via * Height: 5'-11"
* High School: Northeast HS (Clarksville, TN)
* State: Tennessee
* Position: Point Guard
* PPG: 22.5
* Nat'l Rank*: 11 Out of the Top 50
* Class: 2009
Ok, now from what I have read about Kamiko, basically LadyVol family, SHE'S A BEAST! Summer 08: Five-foot-eleven Kamiko Williams from Clarksville, Tenn., has a versatile and at times explosive game. The combo guard for the GA/Lina 76'ers can take over a game with the ball in her hands and become a one man bad dream for defenses. She has the ability to play both the point and the shooting guard positions and has already committed to taking those skills to Knoxville and the University of Tennessee. The left hander's attack is aggressive and she's just as good in transition as she is in the half court. She can get all the way to the rim or pull up with the short jumper when the defense rotates. There are times that she will disappear on the floor and such a talented player can't afford to take plays off. She has too much to offer.(via ESPN) What I like is the fact that since she was 9yrs old she has wanted to play for the LadyVols, and now she has her wish: "I always had this feeling that I could do it," she said, after signing her national letter of intent to play basketball for the defending women's NCAA champions. "But there was a big part of me that said, 'Nah, it can't happen. Tennessee is too big.' I thought maybe I'd go somewhere a little smaller. But here I am." Yes, Kamiko here you are, and we can't wait for you to don that #4 LadyVol jersey.
Here is a quote from Kamiko today after a workout with her teammates: Freshman Kamiko Williams:
"This was a very different experience from high school, but I enjoyed it. In only a day, I was able to learn a lot and know what I need to improve upon. I've never had to play defense like this, so that was clear that I need to work on that part of my game. The coaches are all very good with details and communicating exactly what they want us to do." I love a kid who understands early that nothing comes easy, and to be a part of this team, defense will keep u on the floor. lol. So LadyVolNation hit Kamiko up on facebook, and show her some love! It is my belief that Kamiko will be Brianna's backup at the point guard position. Wow what a great problem to have, this team is incredibly DEEP! I LOVE IT.

Amar'e Stoudemire on Jim Rome is Burning

Where will this guy end up around february?

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Shaq Vs. Ben Roethlisberger - Ep1 premiere PART 1 /// Shaq's new reality show

Shaq Vs Ben Roethlisberger - Episode 1 - Shaq tests his athletic powers against NFL player

Will Shaq Ever Be A Laker Again?

Hello LakerNation. I had to take a “small” haitus after all that drama between Lamar Odom and the Laker brass. I’m telling you my emotions were like a yo-yo during those 31days! But now that we have our entire team back in tact, sans Trevor Ariza (good luck in Houston, except against us) we can finally enjoy the rest of the summer, and our Championship Trophy! Wheww. Now we have another (marketing) ploy by the big cactus, or is this really the “hope” of Shaquille, that after this year in Cleveland he will be looking to see if becoming a Laker is an option again. LakerNation what do you guys think about this? For me, I don’t believe that it’s a “marketing” scheme to promote his new show ShaqVS, I really believe this is what Shaq wants, to end his career wearing the purple and gold. LakerNation you don’t have to remind me of the “idiotic” things Shaq has done or said following the break up between he and the Lakers, and I know that “we” Laker fans don’t forget easily, yet Shaq’s time as a Laker returned our team to prominence again, post Magic era. One thing is for sure, that if Shaq can defer to Wade, and now Lebron, surely he can defer to the man Kobe Bryant; in which he himself declares is the best in the business! What we all must remember about Shaquille, it’s his desire to be the winning est big man next to Bill Russell.

I do believe that his desire to become the most dominant big man ever (which he perceives will only happen if he can get more rings than Kareem) is enough to humble him to play the role he is assigned, and to be a great teammate in the process. We talk about how will Kobe feel if Shaq returns, and honestly now that Kobe has won without him, I believe he would have no problem having Shaquille on his bench. The Kobe we see now, is nothing like the Kobe who even took the time to beef with Shaquille. Kobe knows this is his team, along with everyone on it.

I know some mentioned about Pau’s minutes possibly being taken away with an addition of Shaquille, that will never happen. We would be the only team in the league with 4 seven footers, 5 if you want to add Lamar’s wing span in the We all know how effective he can be when playing limited minutes (his time with the Suns he played every other game), just think of him sitting where Mbenga is right now. Shaquille knows that (oh the irony) he needs Kobe to win another ring, so the marketing you see from him in reference to the Lakers will all be “good”. I love it! If he came, we know it will be a one year deal, and no matter what he wants, he knows that he won’t get Dr. Buss to pay him anything outlandish, so we shall see. This is Hollywood, and beyond Kobe Bryant, drama sells tickets to Laker games. The haters come hoping they lose, and bandwagoners just to say they were there, others for the story line of who the Lakers are playing that day, and the die-hards just because. I definitely know that ticket sales would be up…lol. One thing Dr. Buss does love more than his pride, and that’s his money. Will Shaq ever be a Laker again? I wouldn’t doubt it.

LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol: Brianna Bass

Hello LadyVol fans. I wanted to take the opportunity to help all the fans, even myself, get to know the players a little bit better. I'm currently trying to reach out to each player, whether by myspace, facebook, or any other social media, just to get some type of "inside" scoop on their personalities and why they love basketball so much. Better yet why they wanted to play for the best college team on earth. (hey i'm biased)lol.
Well I would like to start by saying I could not find Brianna ANYWHERE. So this introduction will simply be based off of what I have researched and what is written on the site. I can say that Brianna reminds us of Shannon Bobbitt in more than just height, but her fiery attitude on the court also reminds us of the former 2 time champion. Brianna has great speed and quickness with the basketball, but last year showed a lack of consistent focus it took to run Pat Summit's offense.
Her highest scoring game was against Duke, where she scored 14pts/2rbs/2ast. Her career avg as a freshman was 4pts/2rbs/2ast a game.
I believe that Pat was hoping that Brianna would come in and take over where Shannon left off, but leading this talented group of women on the floor seem to be a little bit overwhelming for the "tiny" guard, which lead to Stricklen being made the lead guard. But it's one thing I noticed, that anytime Pat would have Brianna and Shekinna in the game together, Shekinna was a lot more affective offensively.
I am anxiously awaiting to see where Brianna will fit in as this team becomes filled with even more talent. Incoming freshman Taber Spani, who played point for the USA under 19 squad this summer (won gold),will definitely be competing for the starting point guard position. So I am rooting for Brianna to be ready to lead this team. I know that Brianna had a "small" problem with the assistant coaches last season, causing her to be benched for a game. Yet don't let that make u think any less of Bass, because she definitely has what it takes to play on this level.
So now Brianna show the LadyVolNation what you got.
UPDATE: AUG. 20, 2009 (VIA UTLADYVOLS.COM Sophomore Briana Bass, who Coach Summitt indicated would be the starting point guard if the season began today, added "I thought as a team, we came out and made great strides today. We really showed off the hard work we put in over the summer in the gym and in our strength and conditioning. We each continue to improve our game and hopefully that will take us to our goal of winning a national championship." This is what I wanted to hear...way to step your game up Brianna, let's do this!

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Lady Vols 2009-10 Basketball Schedule(via

Lady Vols Announce 2009-10 Basketball Schedule

Aug. 18, 2009

2009-10 Schedule in PDF Format Get Acrobat Reader

The University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers released the basketball schedule for the 2009-10 season today.

In addition to the expanded Southeastern Conference slate of 16 games, the Lady Vols will also run the gauntlet of powerhouses tangling with Baylor, Texas Tech, Virginia, Middle Tennessee, UCLA, George Washington, Texas, Rutgers, Louisville, Stanford, San Francisco, Old Dominion and Oklahoma on the non-conference side.

"Another competitive schedule for the coming year," said Lady Vol coach Pat Summitt, who is beginning her 36th season at Tennessee and is the NCAA's all-time winningest coach starting the campaign with a 1,005-193 overall record. "This schedule is exciting and challenging and will help to prepare us for post-season play."

In the first month of the season, Tennessee will appear in three "Classics." The Lady Vols will play host to Baylor in the regular season opener in the State Farm Classic on Nov. 15 in Knoxville; travels to San Antonio, Texas, site of the 2010 NCAA Final Four on Nov. 17 to face Texas Tech in the ESPN Classic, and concludes the cavalcade of "Classics" at the Maggie Dixon Classic at Madison Square Garden in New York on Dec. 13 facing rival Rutgers.

"Those are three great tests for our team," said Summitt. "I'm excited to be opening at home against Baylor and look forward to taking our team to San Antonio to face Texas Tech and to the Garden to play Rutgers - great teams and exciting venues."

In all, UT will be facing competition from nine different conferences including the Atlantic 10, ACC, Big 12, BIG EAST, Colonial, Pac 10, Southeastern, Sunbelt and West Coast Conferences.

"Once again, I'm thrilled that we'll be playing 17 home dates (including the exhibition games) in our arena. Our young team will certainly benefit from playing in front of our great fans -- they will be treated to a tremendous home schedule," said Summitt.

The season gets underway with a pair of exhibition tune-ups in Knoxville as Carson-Newman comes to town on Nov. 5 and an old foe from the AIAW national scene of the 1970's, Delta State University makes its first appearance at UT in 30 years in a game on Nov. 9. The Lady Vols officially open the season at home on Nov. 15 facing Baylor.

The remainder of the November slate includes a trip to San Antonio to face Texas Tech at the AT&T Center on Nov. 17 and back-to-back road games at Virginia on Nov. 22 and a trip mid-state to face Middle Tennessee on Nov. 25. Former Lady Vol player and assistant coach Nikki Caldwell, now head coach at UCLA, will bring her Bruins to Knoxville on Nov. 28 to round out the month.

Tennessee starts the December portion of its schedule with consecutive home games facing George Washington on Dec. 1 and Texas on Dec. 6 before taking a break for final exams. The Lady Vols will resume playing hoops on Dec. 13 facing Rutgers in Madison Square Garden on Dec. 13. A new first-time opponent for Tennessee will be Louisville, the 2009 NCAA Championship runner-up, when it visits Thompson-Boling on Dec. 16. The Lady Vols will then hit the road for a pair of games traveling to Stanford on Dec. 19 and then swinging up to San Francisco to play former Lady Vol Tanya Haave's Dons on Dec. 22. Following a break for the Christmas holidays, Tennessee concludes the 2009 portion of the schedule with a game against Old Dominion in Knoxville on Dec. 30.

In January, the Lady Vols open the 2010 side of the schedule facing its fourth Big 12 team of the season as Oklahoma comes to Knoxville on Jan. 3 for the final regular season non-conference match-up. Following that game, the SEC portion of the schedule cranks up as South Carolina comes to town on Jan. 7. This season marks the first time since the 2004-05 campaign that the Lady Vols won't play a non-conference foe in the middle of SEC league play.

January continues with road games at Mississippi State (Jan. 10), Florida (Jan. 14), Georgia (Jan. 21), LSU (Jan. 24), and South Carolina (Jan. 31). Other first month home games include Vanderbilt on Jan. 17 and Auburn on Jan. 28. To open the month of February, Arkansas visits Knoxville on the 4th. UT then travels for an ESPN2 "Big Monday" meeting at Vanderbilt (Feb. 8) and to Mississippi (Feb. 11). Other February home dates include Florida (Feb. 14), an ESPN2 "Big Monday" meeting with LSU (Feb. 22), Kentucky on Feb. 25 and Mississippi (Feb. 28). The other February road trip is a jaunt to Alabama (Feb. 18).

In the new expanded 16-game SEC schedule, the Lady Vols play home-and-home games with Florida, LSU, Mississippi and South Carolina this season, to go along with its annual home-and-home traditional rival contests versus Vanderbilt.

"The SEC - from top to bottom -- will be as strong and unpredictable as it has ever been," professed Summitt. "Great coaches and some incredible young talent is going to make a tough league, even tougher. To be sure, the SEC schedule will be extremely challenging."

In the postseason, the 2010 SEC Tournament will venture back to popular Duluth, Ga., Mar. 4-7. When the height of March Madness begins and the NCAA Tournament is announced on Mar. 15, four teams will be heading to Thompson-Boling Arena as women's basketball fans will be treated to NCAA First/Second Round action in Knoxville, Tenn., Mar. 20 & 22.

Other NCAA First/Second Round games will be played at 15 additional sites from Mar. 20-23. The NCAA Regional Championships will be contested, Mar. 27-30 and the season will culminate with the 2010 NCAA Final Four at the Alamodome, in San Antonio, Texas, April 4 & 6.

TUES., NOV. 17 Texas Tech (ESPN Classic @AT&T Center) San Antonio, TX ESPNU 6 or 8:30 CT
SUN., NOV. 22 at Virginia Charlottesville, VA 2:00 pm
WED., NOV. 25 at Middle Tennessee Murfreesboro, TN 7:00 pm CT
SUN., DEC. 13 Rutgers (Maggie Dixon Classic at MSG) New York, NY ESPNU 3:30 pm
(Baylor vs. Boston College 1 p.m.)
SAT., DEC. 19 at Stanford Palo Alto, CA 2:00 pm PT
TUES., DEC. 22 at San Francisco San Francisco, CA 7:00 pm PT
SUN., JAN. 10 at Mississippi State Starkville, MS 2:00 pm CT
THURS., JAN. 14 at Florida Gainesville, FL 7:00 pm
THURS., JAN. 21 at Georgia Athens, GA 7:00 pm
SUN., JAN. 24 at LSU Baton Rouge, LA 2:00 pm CT
SUN., JAN. 31 at South Carolina Columbia, SC 3:00 pm
MON., FEB. 8 at Vanderbilt Nashville, TN ESPN 8:00 pm CT
THURS., FEB. 11 at Mississippi Oxford, MS 7:00 pm CT
THURS., FEB. 18 at Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL 6:00 pm CT
Thurs.-Sun., Mar. 4-7 SEC Tournament Duluth, GA
Sat.-Tues., Mar. 20-23 NCAA Tournament (1st & 2nd Rounds) Campus sites* ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU
*(Sixteen pre-determined sites: Sat./Mon. March 20/22: Knoxville, Tenn.; Albuquerque, N.M; Berkeley, Calif; Durham, N.C.;
Louisville, Ky.; Seattle, Wash.; Tallahassee, Fla.; Tempe, Ariz.; Sun./Tues. March 21/23: Ames, Iowa; Austin, Texas;
Cincinnati, Ohio; Minneapolis, Minn.; Norfolk, Va.; Norman, Okla.; Notre Dame, Ind.; Pittsburgh, Pa.
Sat.-Tues., Mar. 27- 30 NCAA Tournament (Regionals) ESPN/ESPN2
(3/27 & 3/29): Memphis Regional, Memphis, Tenn.; Sacramento Regional, Sacramento, Calif.
(3/28 & 3/30): Dayton Regional- Dayton, Ohio; Kansas City Regional- Kansas City, Mo.
Sun. & Tues., Apr. 4 & 6 NCAA Final Four (Alamodome) San Antonio, Texas ESPN

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WNBA Intern Video

Recap of the Los Angeles Lakers 2009 Playoff Run

Journey Through Glorious History Of Los Angeles Lakers


Introducing the 2009-2010 University of Tennessee LadyVols Basketball Team
First I just wanted to start with that link for all BASKETBALL fans to watch! There are not enough words that explain the heart, soul, passion, and strength of Amber Gray. This young lady has endured a lot since having shoulder surgery early this summer, and then suffering a stroke, at the tender age of 19. Yet look at her right here in this clip, she is the perfect example of a LadyVol. We love you Amber!

Now introducing the UT LadyVol Basketball Roster for the upcoming season:
#1 Brianna Bass-Sophmore PG 5'2
#4 Kamiko Williams-Freshman G 5'11
#5 Angie Bjorklund-Junior G/F 6'0
#10 Amber Gray-Sophmore F 6'1
#13 Taber Spani-Freshman G 6'1
#15 Alicia Manning-Sophmore G 6'1
#20 Sydney Smallbone-Junior G 5'10
#21 Vicki Baugh-Junior F 6'4
#25 Glory Johnson-Sophmore F 6'3
#33 Alyssia Brewer-Sophmore F 6'3
#34 Faith Dupree-Freshman F-C 6'3
#40 Shekinna Stricklen-Sophmore G-F 6'2
#52 Kelly Cain Redshirt Sophmore C 6'6

Ladies and gentlemen your 2009-2010 Lady Vols! This team "severely" underachieved last season with a 24-11 mark. That's unheard of for a Lady Vol team. This team managed to break records in all the wrong spots. One being, losing in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament. I am a fan such that, I hope they have a chip on their shoulder as big as New York! I don't want them to just win, I want them to TAKE WINS, and make the next opponent's scouting team stay up all night trying to figure out how to guard our team. We have the pieces to do it. Glory Johnson has that "mean" streak to impose her will on an opponent, I hope to see more of that this season, yet being able to hold her temper in check. I am praying daily that Kelly Cain and Vicki Baugh(our key component) in the paint, have injury free seasons. One thing is for sure the wade trophy watch will have a Lady Vol on it this year maybe even two, cause with Shekinna balling like she did last season, trust fans we are in a great season.

Please subcribe to this blog, because in the upcoming weeks I am going to be "introducing" you to each player on the roster, with any information, videos or whatever I can get. Let's get to know the roster. First up will be Faith Dupree!

Michael Vick's First Practice With Eagles - ESPN VIDEO

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Fans Expectations of "their" Teams. Fair/Unfair?

Fans can be the best sixth man on a basketball court, a football field(but i guess that's a "twelfth man" lol), or whatever sport a person loves: but fans can also be the #1 stressor for their team.
I'm going to use myself as the "case study"! I will start with the L.A. Lakers. I have been a fan since 1980...I love everything about the Lakers, and I mean everything. Every player that ever put on the uniform, including Mikan, even though I never seen him play. But all that matters to me is that "lakers" across the front. I have personally witnessed MY team win 9 championships! I take the losses just as hard as the team, probably worse! When you love a "team" though, you take the good with the bad: the losses, the wins, the championships, the "almost" finals...all of that. I eat and sleep the Lakers. And whoever is on the team, get's nothing but love from me, but once you leave the just gone. See for me, even if Kobe left the Lakers, I will still be a Lakers fan. I said that because people say, "if Kobe leave the Lakers, you will leave too" and that's just not true! I'm Lakers4Life! So when we have a mediocre team like the one we had in 2004-2007, I still rooted hard for my boys. And the 1st round playoff losses hurt BAD! But now it's 2009 and we are NBA Champions! As we should be. Now with the addition of Ron Artest, I'm looking forward to more championships before Kobe calls it quits.

Then it's my L.A. Sparks, shaking my head, because this is just BAD! I have been a Sparks fan since the inception of the WNBA! I chose the Sparks as my team, simply because they were (at the time) owned by the Buss family, who also owns the Lakers. I figured I'm a Lakers fan, so I might as well be a Sparks fan too. Oh and the fact that Lisa Leslie was their franchise player didn't hurt. I have seen Lisa play with some talented group of women, like the back to back championship teams back in '01 & '02, but now the Sparks has the most talented team in the entire league history. This team boasts four olympians and all-star guard Betty Lennox and right now we are sitting at 8-12...ridiculous! I lived though the 10-24 season, and God blessed us with the number one pick...CANDACE PARKER!And what did she do, have the most outstanding debut in WNBA history, shucks in NBA history she is only behind 3 other players. And the Sparks fall short of the finals on a miracle shot by Sophia Young. But now on "paper" my team is the ABSOLUTE best, but the chemistry seems to be missing. So what is the problem? Lisa, Tina, Delisha have been playing together for years during the Olympics. I know the Sparks owners was hoping that Michael Cooper could restore the Sparks to glory, but he (in my opinion)is coaching this team ALL WRONG! I have watched this man leave Betty Lennox on the bench after she has hit 3 straight buckets. He plays Tina to "death" and the substitions are not great matchups. I could go into all type of reasons as to why this is happening to the Sparks, but my main one is Coop is already at USC. So owners, let him go!I am having a fit right now, we had less talent than this last season, and making it to the playoffs was never an issue, and here we are now fighting to NOT be last in the league. I know we didn't have Candace at the start of the season, and Lisa was out for 11 games, but we still should not be in this situation. Coop pick a rotation and STICK WITH IT. The players have to keep learning each other over and over. The Lakers won so now you guys must do the same.

So are my expectations fair for my teams? I would say yes! But you guys sound off and let me know what you