Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol: Taber Spani

LadyVolNation stand up! Hello BigOrange fans. Knoxville we have another shooter, she is 6'1, basketball intelligence beyond her years, and can shoot the 3 from anywhere in the building! Taber Spani was highly coveted by her father's alma mater K.State, but she grew up desiring to play for the BigOrange. She made a tough decision to come to Knoxville, rather than follow in the family tradition of going to K.State like her sister did, and we are grateful for that. She is a hard-nosed kid,(reminds me of Kara Lawson)and she has great court vision, so I believe the game just became a lot easier for all of our bigs.
I know that Taber has a relationship with God, she has been very open about that, coming from a private Christian School;reminding me of Shanna Zolman, who took Sidney Spencer under her wing, and we know how that worked out for us don't we, (national championship). Taber we look forward to seeing you on the court. Congratulations on your gold medal with the under 19 team. I want to see this line up: Stricklen,Spani,Bjorklund,Johnson,Cain! NCAAW Be afraid, be very afraid!

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