Thursday, August 20, 2009

Will Shaq Ever Be A Laker Again?

Hello LakerNation. I had to take a “small” haitus after all that drama between Lamar Odom and the Laker brass. I’m telling you my emotions were like a yo-yo during those 31days! But now that we have our entire team back in tact, sans Trevor Ariza (good luck in Houston, except against us) we can finally enjoy the rest of the summer, and our Championship Trophy! Wheww. Now we have another (marketing) ploy by the big cactus, or is this really the “hope” of Shaquille, that after this year in Cleveland he will be looking to see if becoming a Laker is an option again. LakerNation what do you guys think about this? For me, I don’t believe that it’s a “marketing” scheme to promote his new show ShaqVS, I really believe this is what Shaq wants, to end his career wearing the purple and gold. LakerNation you don’t have to remind me of the “idiotic” things Shaq has done or said following the break up between he and the Lakers, and I know that “we” Laker fans don’t forget easily, yet Shaq’s time as a Laker returned our team to prominence again, post Magic era. One thing is for sure, that if Shaq can defer to Wade, and now Lebron, surely he can defer to the man Kobe Bryant; in which he himself declares is the best in the business! What we all must remember about Shaquille, it’s his desire to be the winning est big man next to Bill Russell.

I do believe that his desire to become the most dominant big man ever (which he perceives will only happen if he can get more rings than Kareem) is enough to humble him to play the role he is assigned, and to be a great teammate in the process. We talk about how will Kobe feel if Shaq returns, and honestly now that Kobe has won without him, I believe he would have no problem having Shaquille on his bench. The Kobe we see now, is nothing like the Kobe who even took the time to beef with Shaquille. Kobe knows this is his team, along with everyone on it.

I know some mentioned about Pau’s minutes possibly being taken away with an addition of Shaquille, that will never happen. We would be the only team in the league with 4 seven footers, 5 if you want to add Lamar’s wing span in the We all know how effective he can be when playing limited minutes (his time with the Suns he played every other game), just think of him sitting where Mbenga is right now. Shaquille knows that (oh the irony) he needs Kobe to win another ring, so the marketing you see from him in reference to the Lakers will all be “good”. I love it! If he came, we know it will be a one year deal, and no matter what he wants, he knows that he won’t get Dr. Buss to pay him anything outlandish, so we shall see. This is Hollywood, and beyond Kobe Bryant, drama sells tickets to Laker games. The haters come hoping they lose, and bandwagoners just to say they were there, others for the story line of who the Lakers are playing that day, and the die-hards just because. I definitely know that ticket sales would be up…lol. One thing Dr. Buss does love more than his pride, and that’s his money. Will Shaq ever be a Laker again? I wouldn’t doubt it.

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  1. I hope he finishes his illustrious career in LA. And he actually could be a huge help to us by allowing Pau to rest and maybe Drew and play some pf.. just a thought. I like the piece