Tuesday, September 1, 2009

LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol: Alicia Manning

LadyVolNation stand up! It's time to meet one of the "dirty work" players for our 2009-2010 LadyVols.#15 Alicia Manning is a "defensive minded" forward. She can shoot the 3, as well as drive to the basket, but for me I love to see her play defense. She has the potential to be an Armentie Price type player for UT. Alicia stays on the ground going after loose balls, a great rebounder for 6'1. Even better than that, Alicia's passion to win is seen in every possession on the floor. A team can never have enough of those type of players. The University of Georgia missed out, again....lol, remember Kelly Cain. 
This season I'm hoping to see more offense from Alicia. What she brings on the offensive end is the ability to break down the defense by going to hole. I'm hoping she will do this more often. I've noticed that the "zone" defense is the most difficult for our team to score on. The best way to beat a zone is to either penetrate the middle and get a foul call, or dish it out for the wide open 3, and with this team we should average 80pts a game. Alicia Manning is a big key to the future success of this basketball team. Every team has "role players" and Alicia is key coming off this high-powered bench, so Alicia be vocal, and lead by example. Your defensive prowess will be praised, and recognized! 1,2,3 RING!

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