Sunday, September 6, 2009

LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol: Glory Johnson (ENFORCER)

Hello LadyVolNation! I'm going to start this introduction out with this video and then we will go from there.

Now the video I posted shows the Power and Intensity of forward Glory Johnson! The LadyVol team that has now been assembled would be lost without the physical and mental toughness of Glory. She shows the grit, and the "all do whatever" is necessary to help this team. She is simply the "ENFORCER"!
Now at the beginning of last season Glory started out with 10 (i think?)double doubles someone let me know about that. I do remember that in the game against Stanford when she went down was the end of that streak. I watched Glory "bully" her way to the basket and make a living at the freethrow line (even though she is going to have to work on that)...she always seemed to be at the right place at the right time. Yet her game began to change after she was accessed a technical foul in the game versus Virgina. I began to notice that she was not as aggressive when snagging rebounds are going to the basket. The plays that were being called her way, were now going against her, and it seemed as if she did not know how to adjust to that. Well I'm sure that this season we will begin to see who Glory Johnson the basketball player is. I'm going out on a limb here and saying that she will get a dunk this season...yea I said it! The girl use to long jump in high school, so we all know the hops are there, even evidenced in the video above, you see "where" she jumped from to block that shot?

Glory is physical, tough and bleeds orange. I was so afraid that she would end up somewhere else, because I knew she had to convince her dad that she really wanted to go to Tennessee. Now that we have her, let's be sure to not take her for granted LVN, because this is another one, who we will be talking about for the ages. Personally, I believe that just like Nicky Anosike, Glory is no stranger to hard work. We see it on the court, night in and night out. I pray for her to stay focused on the task at hand. Her name speaks for what shall be revealed! Let's Go Glory Johnson #25
Oh yea one more thing, I believe she will lead the team this year in offensive rebounds.

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  1. Great Blog and nice write-up on one of our favorite players. Thanks for you time and energy. I am following your blog.