Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol: Alyssia Brewer (the Swagger)

LadyVolNation here is the next introduction for our 2009-2010 Lady Volunteers. #33 Alyssia Brewer is absolutely the "Swagger" of this team. What do I mean by swagger? She is that one player that can change the entire course of a game. Now let me say that Alyssia and I have been going back and forth about who is the best (right now) Kobe or Lebron? Of course she is a Lebron James fan and she is the ultimate "trash talker!" I won't go into the whole debate, but she knows that all I have to say is, Kobe got four!lol Now back to our regularly scheduled program...lol. Honestly though being able to go back and forth with her like that showed me her competitive nature, and her passion for this game. LVN she is that "enigma" on our team. 6'3 post player with point guard skills? Sounds familiar? It should..now I'm not saying she good as Candace Parker, but I'm just saying. I hate to even put that comparison out there, but you have to see Alyssia run the break, it doesn't make me afraid when I see her coming down the lane on the break handling the ball, because she has those skills. Actually I found out that she played point guard up until 8th grade, where she had a growth spurt and was taught how to play in the post. This team is just so talented that we only get to see a limited amount of what she can do on the court. Matter of fact she truly reminds me of the Lakers Lamar Odom, left-handed, can shoot the short jumper (though I wish she would take the elbow jumper from the freethrow line more), and can lead the break. If she adds the 3point shot to her game, get the bow, cause it's a wrap!

Alyssia is also a great passer, as well as rebounder. In the game against Auburn at the SEC tournament, Alyssia had 11pts/15rbs and the funny part is she could have had more. This was the game where Kelly Cain went down early. Pat inserted Brewer, and she went to work. Auburn had no answer for Lyssi! Now ya'll know I love Pat and Kelly, but I was having a fit when they showed Pat at halftime asking Kelly if she was ready to go, she said yes, and Pat said you are starting. She sat Lyssi down, and we all know the rest of that story. I'm a firm believer that if a player has it going, work it til the defense stops it. We also watched Lyssi toss behind the back passes, and what about that pass to Angie B in the great comeback against Rutgers. The only thing I would hope to see more out of Lyssi is control in the open court (pull up and take the jumper)...and THE SWAGGER! Take your opponent totally out of their games...I love watching Lamar, & Candace give the smirks after a nice play, or Bobbitt when she would talk trash to the opposing guard to a point that they make multiple mistakes the next few plays. I been trying to see who that person was or could be on this team, and I choose the Lefty...call her Lyssi aka Miss So Much Swag!

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