Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol: Faith Dupree

LadyVolNation stand up. Introducing #34 6'4 Post Faith Dupree. What is it about the Webb School? It just keep on producing ballers. We were able to get Glory Johnson last year, and this year we get Faith. What I like about this addition, no matter who comes off the bench this season for the post, they are all 6'0 and up. Faith has a nice jumper from 12-15 ft in, and that alone makes her valuable in Pat's offense.
I was able to see a couple of homemade videos of Faith that she has on facebook, and she appears to have "funny bone", and her smile is infectious. Now because I don't have a lot of information about Faith, let me just say that any person that "may" have not been on the radar before, took the time to hone her skills and make an impression on the #1 institution of basketball learning in the country.
Faith has "soft" hands, so Stricklen, and Bass will have a field day finding her down low. With that 6'4 frame she will be able to carve out a lot of space under the basket-imagine when she is on the court with Kelly Cain at the same time...ooooh weeee! I love it! Now because this team is SOOOO deep, Faith will have to work hard to crack playing time, but I believe a bench mob of her, Brewer, Williams, Spani and Bass would just run circles around any of our opponents. Faith Dupree is just another reason I am so ready for the season to start.
Faith don't be afraid, have "faith" that you belong here, and play the game. You have officially been painted ORANGE, cause your dream has come true.

Update: Here is what Pat Summit had to say about Faith and Glory Johnson teaming back up together...and guess what Faith shoots the "deep" 3 ball...oh I love this team.
"I think certainly there's going to be times when they're going to be on the floor together, and they've got awareness when they're playing together. I've watched them play a lot. To have them both now, and Glory be able to play in the high-low game and Faith, she shoots the 3-ball deep. I could see those two playing together and being a good combo." (via

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