Thursday, September 10, 2009

LadyVolNation Introducing UT LadyVol: Shekinna Stricklen (Passion)

LadyVolNation stand up! Now introducing #40 Shekinna Stricklen aka "The Alexis Hornbuckle Clone" aka "double S-Strictly Sickly" yes I got game! Nation we got another "gem" right here. When last season first started, I just kept praying for Shekinna to be able to adjust to the role that Pat wanted her to play...or should I say roles. I must admit, the first few games I was nervous when she had to run the point, because she looked so much more at ease when she did not have to be the lead guard. Like when Pat had her and Brianna in the game, I could see her relax more and just play her game. But my how things change. As the season wore on, Shekinna continued to blow my mind game after game. She became comfortable with the offense and she was making it "rain" with that jumper.

When the LadyVols played Stanford, we got to see Shekinna display an array of skills on the court. She finished the game with 25pts/7rbs/4ast/1blk...I wondered who would take it upon themselves to become the PASSIONATE leader on the court, and she has definitely assumed this role, wholeheartedly. That is not to say that there are not others on the team who do the same, but when I watch Shekinna play, she wears her basketball heart on her sleeve. I love that about her, and in that way she reminds me of Alexis Hornbuckle. She is a great rebounding guard as well, but another thing she does well is "stop and pop". Shekinna drives the ball down the lane, and puts on the brakes, and takes that 12 footer in the paint...nothing but net! Just a thing of beauty. She shoots the 3 ball at about 40% clip...and right before she lets go of the ball I yell, "Double S baby...Strictly Sickly", cause the heads of the defense begins to shake!lol

Now let me define Passion-any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. When Shekinna Stricklen chose Tennessee, right then I believed she embodied all that it means to don the orange. So for every obstacle she came against (having to play point guard, become a leader to this great group of women) etc..she took it on, knowing and believing that she is playing for the best, with the best, and she can't give anything less. So every time you see her scream out, or hit the deck going after a loose ball, show love to her teammates, or is taking instruction on the sideline from Pat...though her voice is soft, she will unleash the PASSION!

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