Wednesday, September 23, 2009

LakersNation Preseason Battle: Morrison vs Vujacic

LakersNation it's almost that time again. In 7 days our world champion LA Lakers will take to the "court" for media day. All the guys back (sans Trevor) in the same setting to begin the 2nd of 5 possible titles. When the media lights go off (which is never in LA) the battle will begin: Adam Morrison vs Sasha "mis-chine" Vujacic! Nation this is a legitimate battle this year. Sasha will not be able to rest on his knowledge of the triangle alone. he is going to have to bring that 3pt shot to the court.

Summerleague Highlights Adam Morrison has his "leg" back and that stroke is looking good. Watching Adam during summerleague play (it's to be considered) because Adam was the "name" on that team. According to Morrison averaged 20.8pts/5rbs a game. He shot 42% at a clip of 29-69 from the floor, including 8-19 from 3. Most importantly he was showing no ill affects of that acl tear over a year ago.

Sasha on the other hand, struggled the entire 2009-2010 season, including the playoffs. I won't even take the time to put up Sasha's numbers because if you are a fan, you don't want to be reminded of those performances. His summer has not gone the way he hoped. He went to play for his "home" squad, the Slovenian national team dismissed him. Sasha was having issues with his knee and felt that the team doctors for the National team was not giving him the proper treatment, so they sent him home. So his season was probably the worst he has had since getting consistent playing time, ends up getting hurt, so dismissed from the National team (all while being a world champion), so your confidence may be shaky right now. But I will say this, he is passionate about this game. He scrambles hard on the defensive end, he just needs to play under control.

Sasha better not sleep on Adam, we know they have had a few "verbal" confrontations in practice Adam vs Sasha so I expect this to be a great battle to see who becomes Kobe's

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