Monday, September 21, 2009

MixTape Alert! For All LakerFans!!

Lakers Back On Top

by Kash Flo'z Follow Him on

*re-Release date on or before 09.21.09
**Mild language -- listener discretion advised
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Track Listing - "Back On Top" - Lakers Mixxes

1. Intro - Lakers Postseason Mixxes
2. Voice of The Nation (Playoffs edition)
3. Interlude - Lakers Postseason Mixxes
4. That Journey Starts Now
5. Game 1 Recap (Lakersvsjazz)
6. Game 2 Recap (Lakersvsjazz)
7. Game 4 Recap (Lakersvsjazz)
8. Game 5 Recap (Lakersvsjazz)
9. Houston: We Have a Problem
10. This Ain't War
11. Not Now, Now Ever
12. Get Game 3
13. Hate Kobe Now feat. Stephen A. Smith
14. Take Us There (freestyle)
15. Where We Belong feat. 'Los
16. Plight of a Champion
17. Close Ya Mouf (Orlando Maggets diss)
18. Lakers Are the Champions feat. iLLa
19. Outro - Lakers Postseason Mixxes
Bonus Trax
20. Ring Chasers
21. Check The Hate (rough draft for Ld2k project)
22. L.O. Conundrum
23. The Run...

****be on the lookout for September 7th's new Lakers mixtape dropping September 24th featuring new unreleased music on the 2009 season that got us here..."Back On Top"

*****you can follow September 7th on twitter @September7th

Banner 16, we're on our way. Lil Larry stays with its true owner for the 2010 season and beyond!

- Flo'z

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