Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Olympians Restored Order!


SparksNation...stand up, take your shirt off twist it round your head like a helicopter! Let the confetti fall, cause we are in the Western Conference Finals. 2 days of rest and the Sparks will be back at it again versus the winner of the San Antonio SilverStars and the Phoenix Mercury.

When it comes down to it, doesn't matter who we play. But ask me do I want to play San Antonio again, and the answer is a resounding YES. That 1.2 sec shot by Sophia Young still haunts me. Not to mention I had someone attempt to argue me down that Sophia Young is better than Candace Parker..still shaking my head at that one...not even on Candace worst day.

Phoenix on the other hand is an entirely different animal. There is another CP in the league, and trust she not half Cappie Poindexter is nothing short of the truth. Diana Taurasi get's the shine because she was there first, but Cappie is like Cynthia Cooper, Kobe Bryant all rolled into one player. People lately been talking about her "hairstyle" or lack thereof, and to me it's just a statement. It says-I'm not worried about anything (not even my hair) or the way I look, until my mission is complete. Well Cappie, I hate to be the one to break it to you, win or lose against San Antonio, your mission will be stopped short of reaching the WNBA Finals. This season belongs to the legend, Lisa Leslie.

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