Sunday, September 13, 2009

South Carolina Stand Up-Introducing Lady GameCock Kelsey Bone! (HOPE)

South Carolina come on and Raise Up, take your shirt off and twist it round hand spin it like a helicopter!!!( all in that Petey Pablo voice)! I must say this first, Dawn Staley has come and revitalized women basketball in this state. No let me take that back, she has awaken a state to the fact that they have a  women basketball team! Except for the few die hard fans, there has been no expectations for this team...and now, Dawn has me wanting to come and support my home team in any way I can, (without ever mixing my loyalty to my LadyVols though)!

Keeping it real, when I first began to watch women basketball in 1994, I watched a few games by the Tarheels, and the Lady Vols, and because of Pat Summit's style I decided I would become a Lady Vol-never taking a look at my hometown team. Now things are changing down in Columbia, SC. The athletic department decided to invest in the program and now, enter in stage left (she from Texas) 6'5 Kelsey Bone!

While I sat and watched the McDonald's All American game, the announcer said, the #2 player in the nation Kelsey Bone will announce where she intends to spend the next four years. I knew that South Carolina was in the running, but I really wasn't "expecting" much! (See what I mean about expectations..smh)...Kelsey is standing there with the mom and brother, and out of her mouth comes: paraphasing- I will be spending the next four years at....THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH might as well had been Candace Parker recruiting day all over again, the way I was shouting all over my house. Until I realized: uuh ohhh she in the SEC..where my LadyVols are...oh boy.

So know that I will be in Columbia as often as I can for home games. I been joking with the freshman phenom about trying to get seats right behind the bench...cause if I see her slacking in any way...I'm going to let her have it!lol. All in good fun of course, and only when the Lady Vols are not in town, because she want need anymore motivation...cause seeing that orange is enough for any opponent.  I was unable to find any video footage that truly will allow people to see her game, but remember she only considered the #2 player in the country, because Britney Griner is a freak of nature on the court. Standing at 6'8, dunking like the guys with ease, and literally looking down at the competition. Not to take anything away from Griner, but overall we will see the full measure of what a #1 player in the nation will do for a team that at one time had no hope! My #1 player is Kelsey Bone...especially once I found out she love the Lakers...oh yea we

Now let's get into what this young lady is going to bring to SC...definitely the "sugar"...cause that jump hook is sweet! It's virtually unblockable when she pins you in the post! Then the girl got a drop step that make you look like your knees just locked up on ya, cause yep, that fast she at the rim...! On top of that she built to "bully" players in the lane, carve out space for her guards to penetrate (thank goodness Dickerson is gone) Yet she is surrounded by Marah Strickland, Ieasa Walker, and Lakisha Sutton...SEC please do not sleep on the Lady Gamecocks this year. This is the start of something big...HOPE, and it's name is Kelsey Bone!
So South Carolina stand up...and take a bow...because you are officially on the NCAAW radar...oh yea Kelsey they looking...she ready!

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