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Lakers vs Mavericks Highlights Kobe Bryant 20 points

Watch Shannon Brown's monster dunk! The only true LAKER highlight of the game.

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Lakers Opening Day vs Clippers "Ring Ceremony"

Afghan Women By Ron Artest edit By Lucky

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Lakers vs Nuggets Pre Season Kobe Bryant 23 points


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Lakers Preseason vs Kings 2009-10

LadyVolNation "Circle of Infuence"

The 2009-10 University of Tennessee Lady Volunteer basketball team realizes that its success in the coming season depends entirely on how it collectively empowers its "Circle of Influence."
Thirteen players are shoulder-to-shoulder, ready to start the task at hand. Central to their success and at the core of their circle they realize the following: the Tennessee Lady Vol basketball program has the richest tradition of any team in the nation. That's a fact. And the players who choose to pull on the orange and white uniform to represent Tennessee know better than most of the privilege and, sometimes burden, it is to be with the nation's elite program. There are the expectations of adding to the eight national championships or the 27 (combined) Southeastern Conference regular season and tournament titles. Players anticipate their opportunity to excel and join the elite group of 100 percent graduated Lady Vols, or the athletically acclaimed 19 State Farm/Kodak All-America Tennessee players named to 33 different teams, or aspire to add their name among the 12 Olympians or the 58 players who have been crowned as Lady Vol NCAA Basketball Champions.
"Our circle of influence this season will impact a team that appears to be invested, unselfish and committed to unity, togetherness and team work. Because of this, I think we will have an exciting year," said UT coach Pat Summitt, entering her 36th season at the helm of the Lady Vols and the NCAA's all-time winningest coach, starting the campaign with a 1,005-193 overall record.
There is a price to pay to maintain the program's lofty status, and each and every player is expected to contribute in her own individual way. It's not easy being everybody's "BIG" game and walking around with a larger than life invisible bulls-eye on the back of your jersey or enduring the comparisons to other Lady Vol teams and the expectations of a trip to the Final Four every year.
"I can see a big difference with this team over last year," said Summitt. "There's a lot I like about this team. We are much more mature, serious and focused. I think we have learned valuable lessons, and we have invested at a different level as far as our training."
Perhaps better than any other team in the history of Lady Vol basketball, the 2009-10 squad fully understands the expectations of the program. Last year's roller coaster 22-11 season may be in the rear view mirror for the 10 returning players and coaching staff, but it will never be out of sight.
"I try to be realistic now," Summitt said of the 2008-09 team. "It was the youngest group we ever had, and while I think all of our players wanted to come in and hold the tradition high, they were not ready and there was really no way to fast-forward it. As much as we wanted them to commit to our offensive and defensive schemes, be committed to each other and to board play and all that goes into having a great team, they were young and they just weren't ready to handle it.
"They were the youngest team on the biggest stage and at times they were overwhelmed and didn't quite understand what it took to be successful."
Despite the historical negatives - tying the most losses in school history with 11, losing for the first-time ever in an NCAA Tournament First Round game, dropping a program-high five SEC regular season games and turning in the lowest field goal shooting average in UT history at .413 - the 2008-09 team tempered the negatives by helping to deliver Coach Pat Summitt's historical 1000th career NCAA win.
Regardless of the historical highs or lows, in the coming season the returning players understand the positive impact that can be achieved within their circle of influence as they bring three talented rookies into the fold.
"I think this team understands the importance of gaining knowledge and sharing it and getting each other's back on every play like veteran teams do instinctively," Summitt said.
The Lady Vols had one senior last year (6'3" post Alex Fuller, 7.5 ppg, 5.9 rpg) and enter this season, for the first time ever, with no one in the senior class. Besides losing Fuller to graduation, Tennessee also lost 5'4" junior point guard Cait McMahan (4.4 ppg, 1.3 rpg), who decided to hang-up her career after dealing with chronic knee pain.
"I'm not concerned with not having a senior class. Focusing on what you don't have is disempowering," said Summitt.
"I see leadership across the board in our freshmen, sophomores and juniors this season. Leaders have a way of rising to the top, and several players already have made their voices heard."
Three of those voices belong to the junior class, consisting of shooting guards Angie Bjorklund and Sydney Smallbone and post player Vicki Baugh. As rookies, they garnered invaluable experience playing on the 2008 NCAA Championship team. As sophomores, they tasted the bitter disappointment and experienced the humiliation of a first round loss in the NCAA Tournament.
"This team, especially our junior class, wants to do things the right way," emphasized the head coach. "They are invested in our system both offensively and defensively and they are paying attention to detail to get it right."
At 6'0", Bjorklund (12.3 ppg, 3.0 rpg, 2.6 apg) can play at both guard or forward and returns as Tennessee's most prolific three-point scoring threat, connecting on 40.8 percent of her shots last season (62 of 152). Overall, she was the team's second-leading scorer as a sophomore and led the team in scoring eight times, including dropping in a career-high 29 points against Old Dominion.
For all of her scoring ability, the team would benefit if she scored more and passed less. "Angie is a key to our perimeter game," Summitt explained. "A lot of times she tries to be a great teammate and distribute the ball. First and foremost, I want her hunting for shots, opening up our inside game and not being the assist leader.
"Because of her ability to knock down threes, she's also playing well off the dribble when she ducks and darts. This season Angie appears to be more confident in helping us to establish a strong offensive attack." read more

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lakers vs warriors 10/7/09 Preseason HQ Highlights Kobe Bryant 22pts

We READY for the Season.

The Enigma That Is Ron Artest

The Palace BrawlThe Palace Brawl

This is where is all began for Ron Artest. The brawl at Detroit's Palace of Auburn Hills (which also known for it's first ever WNBA brawl Sparks vs Shock) placed a label on Ron that he has been unable to shake some 5yrs later. Since this unfortunate incident has happened, Ron has played on two other teams, Sacramento and Houston. Now he is playing for the world champion Los Angeles Lakers, and most are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for this team to implode, simply because it has added Artest. I want everyone to take a closer look into what people and who people think Ron Artest is...then ask yourself if what you have seen, really who you think he is?

I posted the video above so that people can go back and look at what really took place on that unfortunate evening 5yrs ago. After watching it, where was the backlash for Ben Wallace, who intiated everything. Emotions truly began to run high after he took exception of that foul by Artest, which looking back was really not that hard of a foul, considering some of the things we have seen in the NBA. My goodness who remembers the clothesline McHale gave Rambis, or more recently when Raja Bell clothesline Kobe, and their was none of this type of behavior that followed. But more importantly what did Ron Artest do: he backed away, allowed the refs to do their job, and laid down on the scorers table, Ben Wallace threw a towel at him, he did nothing, fans were shouting obscenities, he did nothing, then out of no where he gets hit with a bottle and beer is thrown all over him. Understand, none of us know how we will react in these situations, we hope that we would make the right decision, but who knows. So Ron held it all in, through Ben Wallace antics, and snaps and let's loose when he gets hit in the head with a bottle, by a fan. We all know the rest of the story. But does that incident make Ron Artest a thug? A hoodlum? An enigma?

Artest Karoke

Then their is this Ron Artest. Singing Karoke with his friends...having a ball on twitter. Interacting with the fans as only he can. He is so open about everything from his upbringing to his marriage, and subsequent divorce. He is all over the world doing rap concerts, and now he is as they he said, "hoodalizing espn" is their a greater personality in the league...maybe Shaquille O'neal, but overall the guy has been giving a bum rap.

Their are countless videos on youtube from this year since he has joined twitter, where he has given out his phone number and asked the fans to call him, and he talks to them. He gave the fans a email, that he answers questions from. I know I know u saying, it's all just for show. I beg to differ, because one thing is for sure, he really could care less about what people think about him, if you are not in his inner circle.

Ron is simply PASSIONATE about what he does. He has been playing this game (basketball) most of his life, and you can see it in his HEAD most of the He simply wears his heart on his sleeve. He has no problem adapting to his surroundings, it's when people continue to remind him of where he came or who he use to be, is when the problem arise. Ron has shown since then that he is able to handle his composure in crucial last season playoffs versus the Lakers, when he was elbowed by Kobe Bryant, the did not swing out on Kobe, he did however make sure that Kobe knew he wasn't going to take that. To me that's great playoff basketball. Yet, that outburst piled the label of "thug" on him even more.

I will end this by saying The Enigma that is Ron Artest, every sports team needs to have. Every championship basketball team that I have seen, has at least one "passionate" player on their team. It's that person who is willing to kick up dust, make the hard foul, get a technical, trash talk, maybe even provoke the star player on the other team in order to get them out of their game. This player does whatever it takes to win. The Celtics have Kevin Garnett, The Heat has Dwayne Wade, the Bulls had Dennis Rodman, even the Nuggets have J.R. Smith, and now the Lakers have two: Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest. So where Kobe may have been the most hated Laker by opponents, enter courtside left Ron Artest to take all that pressure off of Kobe Bryant. Every opponent, no matter what they say, were praying that this duo would never happen. Now it's here, and NBA be warned...we have found "Peat" he is wearing #37 purple and gold. Welcome to the Lakers Ron Artest.

WNBA Intern Video

Phoenix Mercury are the WNBA Champions

Candace Parker Injures Shoulder (Again)

Candace Parker

Talk about the injury to your shoulder.
I just went up for a rebound and came down and it kind of popped out. Right now it’s feeling good, but we’ll go back (to the hotel) and do treatment and reevaluate from there. It’s happened numerous times before.

You got off to a great start. The U.S. seems to have so many different options inside.
I was really proud of Tina Charles, I thought she did a great job tonight battling. Sylvia was big as always, she’s always big for us. Asjha Jones came in and did well as well as Candice Dupree, Crystal Langhorne, so te list goes on. We’re very strong at the four position and we’re able to run up and down the floor with anybody. We’re big, we’re talented, we’re athletic, we’re long and I think we did a great job tonight. Coach mentioned we need to rebound a lot better, but it was our first game so we’ll improve there.

How much does it help to have a veteran like Sue Bird getting the ball to the post players in the right spots?
It does, it helps a lot to have her a point guard as a leader. I think she really understands the game and really has an effect on the court, she’s like a coach on the court, she understands where the ball needs to go.

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Searching for "Peat" have you seen him?

LakersNation it’s that time again. It’s the preseason of the 2009-10 season, so we are about to begin our quest to find “peat.” The last time “peat” was spotted was in June of 2002 in New Jersey. The Lakers wrapped “peat” up, and brought him back to Staples Center…to be put on display for the NBA world to see. But somehow he “escaped” and has not been heard of since. LakersNation could he have finally returned to his home? Has he become tired of wondering the cities of the NBA, searching for potential spots to call home if only for 2yrs?Possibly! Yet, “peat” knows one thing for sure, that his home has been wherever Phil Jackson has coached, and returning back to the Staples Center as the prodigal son, understanding that no matter where he goes, he has a home in LA with the Lakers.
Peat we have been awaiting your return, and though you hid yourself from us in that 07-08 season, (attempting to make us extremely upset) like a “jealous lover” by flirting with the boys in green, you came to your senses and now on the 100+ mile(games) journey back to your inheritance. No one loves you more, or appreciate you the way the LakersNation does. Always remember that, thought the grass may seem “greener” on the other side, it will never possess the royal presence, nor the true character of what a champion is. We have searched the cities over, and now that we have found you, it is our intention to “marry” you, and never let you go…at least not before all that your name “peat” represents: Dominance,Dynasty,The Best,& my favorite Lakers.
I can’t wait to see you around this time next season when you are introduced back to society, and most importantly to your family. Peat welcome home, sincerely LakersNation.

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Ghetto Mtv Cribs

Ron Artest giving us a tour of his new crib. Just another reason I love this guy.

Candace Parker Back To Form

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Team USA member Candace Parker says she's back to form after giving birth.

By Jose Luis Magana, AP

Team USA member Candace Parker says she's back to form after giving birth.

WASHINGTON — There was good news from Candace Parker after her fourth day in camp Monday with the U.S. women's national basketball team.
"From a player standpoint, I feel like I'm back," said the 6-4 guard-forward-center, who led Tennessee to two NCAA titles and was a key player for the 2008 Olympic team that won gold in Beijing.
Parker gave birth to a daughter May 13 and by July was playing for the Los Angeles Sparks, averaging 13.1 points during the regular season and 18 in the playoffs. Now she's part of a 13-player U.S. national team headed to Ekaterinburg, Russia, for a Friday-Sunday tournament.
"I feel like I'm back to where I was," says Parker. "If anyone sits and doesn't play 5-on-5 basketball for nine months, they'd be rusty regardless of what my body went through to have the baby. Obviously there was some rust from that. Obviously, I needed to get my body back to where it was. There were timing issues, rhythm."
Parker's weight problem is keeping pounds on. She's at 175, down five to seven pounds from last year.
"Nursing will do that to you while playing," said Parker, 23, married to Shelden Williams of the Boston Celtics.
Parker feels she can be stronger than ever and not just because she plans to spend a lot of the offseason in the weight room: "I'm a lot healthier. I'm eating better because I'm eating for two. The vitamins and all the stuff I'm taking — pre-natal pills, iron, calcium — had made my body feel healthier. I eat less fried food.
"Giving birth has made a difference in more ways than one. It changed my life and changed the way I look at my body and what I need to do to help it perform at the highest level."
Parker is bringing daughter, Lailaa, 5 months, to Russia and will get child-care help from her mother.
"It's tough," said Parker of combining the newborn and international team travel. "Fortunately, I've been blessed with a very good baby. She is so just 'go with the flow'."

Team roster: Parker is part of a 13-player roster, named after a six-day camp in Washington, D.C., ended Monday, that will play a Friday-Sunday tournament in Ekaterinburg against European club teams. The event is the first step in the buildup to the 2010 world championships and 2012 Olympics for national coach Geno Auriemma, who also has coached Connecticut to seven NCAA titles.
Thirteen players are making the trip. The only healthy available player in the 19-player camp not going is UConn junior Maya Moore, who told USA Basketball beforehand she would not be traveling because of class commitments.
The team: Bird (Seattle Storm), Swin Cash (Seattle), Tina Charles (Univ. of Connecticut), Shameka Christon (NY Liberty), Candice Dupree (Chicago Sky), Sylvia Fowles (Chicago), Lindsey Harding (Washington Mystics), Asjha Jones (Connecticut Sun), Crystal Langhorne (Washington), Angel McCoughtry (Atlanta Dream), Renee Montgomery (Minnesota Lynx), Candace Parker (Los Angeles Sparks), Candice Wiggins (Minnesota).
Also in the national team pool but currently injured: Jayne Appel (knee), Stanford; Seimone Augustus (knee), Minnesota Lynx; Alana Beard (ankle), Washington Mystics; Kara Lawson (quadriceps tendinits), Sacramento Monarchs; Lindsay Whalen (eye), (Connecticut Sun).
Four players were unavailable because of their participation in the WNBA finals: Cappie Pondexter, Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Mercury; Tamika Catchings, Ebony Hoffman, Indiana Fever.
The 23-player national pool includes eight 2008 gold medalists: Parker, Augustus, Bird, Catchings, Fowles, Lawson, Pondexter and Taurasi.

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A Look into The Champions Training Camp

The Celtics "Real Training Camp" a look into the Enemies Camp...

Shaquille O'neal "The Perfect Team" on Paper

He made the perfect statement: "The Perfect Team on paper" I'm not sure if Shaquille will be that big of a difference maker with Kevin Garnett being healthy in the East. It's going to be one heck of a battle over their for that Eastern Conference Title.
We have our own business to take care of. My Lakers will be battling out with the Spurs,Nuggets and possibly the Mavericks. Let's Go NBA season.

Candace Parker Makes It To USA Training Camp

Candace Parker, Los Angeles Sparks
How does it feel to be back with the USA National Team
It feels great to be back out here. Obviously I’m excited. It’s weird to think that four years ago I was just starting with USA Basketball on the National Team level. It’s always good to get a head start, I’m excited. I think we’re doing really well in training camp. I’m looking forward to it.

On playing without the recently retired USA Basketball veterans:
It’s weird they're not here. Lisa texted me on the bus ride. I told her I missed her. It’s weird, especially with me playing with her in LA and USA Basketball, it’s weird not to have her here. But I think that every good thing has to come to an end for something else to start. That’s what we’re doing, we’re going for our fifth Olympic gold medal in a row and I think it’s a good start.

On some of the younger players:
There are a lot of young players here who have done well with this being their first training camp. I think Tina Charles has done a remarkable job. She’s had great practices, as well as Maya Moore. Other players who have been here have done well also. Crystal Langhorne, she’s my age and has been here before, she’s played well. I’m excited about where this is headed.

On playing for Geno:
It’s great. You know, everybody hears about the rivalries of Tennessee and Connecticut, but when we come here everybody puts away those jerseys and puts on a USA Basketball jersey and plays on the same team. I’ve learned a lot just in the two days I’ve been here, from him and his coaching staff. It’s a great way and direction that USA Basketball went.


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WNBA Finals Recap: Game 2