Thursday, October 8, 2009

Searching for "Peat" have you seen him?

LakersNation it’s that time again. It’s the preseason of the 2009-10 season, so we are about to begin our quest to find “peat.” The last time “peat” was spotted was in June of 2002 in New Jersey. The Lakers wrapped “peat” up, and brought him back to Staples Center…to be put on display for the NBA world to see. But somehow he “escaped” and has not been heard of since. LakersNation could he have finally returned to his home? Has he become tired of wondering the cities of the NBA, searching for potential spots to call home if only for 2yrs?Possibly! Yet, “peat” knows one thing for sure, that his home has been wherever Phil Jackson has coached, and returning back to the Staples Center as the prodigal son, understanding that no matter where he goes, he has a home in LA with the Lakers.
Peat we have been awaiting your return, and though you hid yourself from us in that 07-08 season, (attempting to make us extremely upset) like a “jealous lover” by flirting with the boys in green, you came to your senses and now on the 100+ mile(games) journey back to your inheritance. No one loves you more, or appreciate you the way the LakersNation does. Always remember that, thought the grass may seem “greener” on the other side, it will never possess the royal presence, nor the true character of what a champion is. We have searched the cities over, and now that we have found you, it is our intention to “marry” you, and never let you go…at least not before all that your name “peat” represents: Dominance,Dynasty,The Best,& my favorite Lakers.
I can’t wait to see you around this time next season when you are introduced back to society, and most importantly to your family. Peat welcome home, sincerely LakersNation.

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