Friday, November 20, 2009


Lady Gamecock fans...tonight I went to see Kelsey Bone play at Clemson University, and I was not disappointed. The freshman phenom is worth all the hype...oh wait...Kelsey has no's all about Griner, and people just don't get it. Kelsey finished the game with 32pts/14rbs and it was only on maybe 4 of those shots that she had to really work hard. I saw up close and personal the jump hook, and the drop step, yea both were sweet. Yet let me tell you guys what impressed me the most about the Freshman, when they tied the game up to send it to the first overtime (oh yea the game went into double overtime), the team was up by two, and allowed Clemson to score. The players on the court came to the bench with their heads down, looking like they had just lost...and Kelsey screamed out umm I will "F that...we never been here before..c'mon let's go!" That right there lady gamecock fans is the HOPE I spoke about in my last blog.

So where is the love for Kelsey Bone? During Espn2 telecast of the Uconn vs Texas game, the announcers were talking about the "freshman to look out for" and can you believe that they did not even mention Kelsey? My goodness the #2 player in the country...(wrong rating...they will see) and you don't even mention her name? I'm just beside myself. Is it because she is at the University of South Carolina? No I know what it is...the commentators did not do their research. However you want to put it, they failed to acknowledge her...and now she is ready to give them no choice but to say "IT'S KELSEY BONE...YOU KNOW HER NAME, AND YOU KNOW HER WORTH" yeah you DOUBTED HER...NOW WATCH HER WORK!

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