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Lakers vs Warriors Highlights Kobe Bryant Drops 44 Points

Kobe Bryant scoring 44pts with a broken finger is just insane. The 11assists are just icing on the Kobe Bryant cake. This guy is just incredible. What I enjoyed about this game is the play of Lamar Odom in the second half. If he can give us this energy every night, there is no team n the league who can beat us. Pau definitely did his job as well. And the dunk by Shannon Brown over Vladi Radmonivich was just CRAZY.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lakers vs Suns Highlights HD [12-28-09]

Ron Artest press conference to address his concussion

I'm not sure what to think about this. But one thing is for sure, my Lakers need Artest on the court. So I hope he gets well soon.

We know he is definitely from the hood, but I don't think his "wife" did this to So unless he was drunk, I have no idea what could have happened.

If it was a fight with someone, wouldn't that have come out? I don't know...but one thing is for sure, if he is lying, it will come out, it always does. For now, I will just go with what Ron is saying.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Houston Rockets & Tracy McGrady Seeking a Trade

Hello Lakeshow fam, for the life of me I don't understand the Rockets take on this thing? We have all known for a while that T-Mac is injury prone, but so is Yao Ming...and yet they are ready to get rid of this guy with no problem? Well it wasn't hard to see this coming for sure, with McGrady finally believing he is healthy enough to play and the Rockets choosing not to play him, a trade was inevitable.
I don't know what type of "locker room" guy Tracy is, but I do know if he came to the Lakers, he would save a lot of wear and tear not only on Kobe, but Lamar & Fisher as well. Remember fam, T-Mac has a HUGE expiring contract that could possibly bring us a lot of relief next summer (I think that's how it goes), and he is definitely instant offense. For me personally seeing T-Mac come in for Kobe is alot more entertaining than watching Sasha V hit the court. As for his durability, if he goes down again, Kobe is ALWAYS available, but the best part of it all, he doesn't end up in San Antonio or Denver, dang or Dallas for that matter. Nor with our archenemy Boston, or even Cleveland...let's just look at the big picture here.
Oh it's no secret that Tracy said when his days with the Rockets were over he would love to play with Kobe Bryant...unfortunately the video over at ESPN is (not available)

Leave me your thoughts and comments on this developing situation.

Monday, December 28, 2009 - You Aint Kobe :: Floz - You Aint Kobe :: Floz



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kobe Bryant is a Warrior!!!

Phil Jackson offered an anecdote from Saturday night’s 112-103 double overtime victory in Sacramento that explained how Kobe Bryant feels about coming out of basketball games, no matter what the injury.
“At one time, I asked (Head Athletic Trainer) Gary Vitti to check with him in a time out,” said Jackson. “He came back and said, ‘If I tell you that he can’t play, he’s going to break my arm.’”
Bryant, who had essentially been playing with his left hand before nailing back-to-back three-pointers in the second overtime, eventually figured out how to adjust his shot to the pain.
“I thought he could play through it and help the team, and that was the important part,” said Jackson. “Pain is an inhibitor, and your body will react through the pain. He’s a guy that’s capable of doing that.”
Bryant didn’t go into as much detail.


Lakers vs Kings Highlights Kobe Bryant 38 Points

The Lakers played this game on a back to back without Ron Artest who had an accident in his home, causing a concussion. Lamar was a rebounding machine along with Pau, and Kobe actually sprained his RIGHT elbow in the 4th quarter, and yet came back to hit 2 threes...thank YOU GOD, for giving us this man. And the oustanding play of Shannon Brown was just crazy.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Road To Redemption: LadyVolsNation Stand Up

LadyvolsNation stand up...our beloved team is sitting at 10-1, after playing 6 ranked teams in those 11 games. I am very happy about how we have started off this season. The teams chemistry on the court is very evident this year...although I'm still not sure about a couple of players, who seems to not be able to play off each other. I'm hoping to see Johnson and Stricklen really get there act together on the court. Everytime I watch them on the floor together, there seems to be no "interaction" between the two. But nonetheless, our once "babyvols" are maturing into champions. When we got the #1 recruiting class in 2004, I know we all believed that winning would come right then, yet it took that group 2 years to get it together. I believe we are seeing the same thing with this group, only the final four is definitely in this groups future (if you remember we lost in the elite 8 with that Candace Parker group).

So what will it take to become champions this season? When it looks as if Uconn is invincible. Our "test" against Stanford, we failed miserably...and I know Pat said Stanford just played great defense, and though they defense wasn't "bad", but what I seen was more of us not hitting open shots. I watch Shekinna and others miss chippies around the rim, open jumpers, and it went on and on. And yet after that loss I didn't have that feeling from last know the one that made you doubt the "commitment" level of this team. Instead I was more like, come March we are going to be incredible! I am convinced that our #3 ranking is very legit...and by the time we meet up with Stanford again, perhaps in the final four, the outcome will be different.

Everyone has their own opinions about how this will happen, but mine is spoken in two words: KAMIKO WILLIAMS. Back when I did my Intro to Kamiko Williams, I was saying then that Kamiko is going to be a beast for the LadyVols. She has all the tools that we have been missing for a long time. She don's a 5-11 inch frame, the fact that she is left-handed is a bonus, she rebounds and blocks shots, and I love her energy on the floor. Even though when I'm watching her with the ball in her hands it looks like she is moving in slow Pat gave her the opportunity to display her skills against USF, and she had 14pts/8rbs/4stls/3ast/2blks. LadyvolsNation we have a player right here, and she will allow Shekinna to play in her "natural" position. Honestly I need a great 6th woman...and don't hate me right, but when Williams is truly ready...PG Williams,SG Bjorklund SF Stricklen PF Johnson C Cain...ok let me explain. Taking Taber out of this starting lineup allows her to be more aggressive with the second unit. It also gives Kamiko the experience she will need for March.

The Road To Redemption is in full stop Old Dominion!

Was Boston Celtics Guard Almost "Caught Up?"..Ray Allen

Ray Allen Likes To Talk Dirty….

Written by Necole Bitchie under Celebrities
Let’s talk about Ray Allen aka Jesus Shuttlesworth. You see the tweet he sent out before he claimed his account was hacked??? Embaaaaaaaaaarrrrrassssing! He know he wrote that sh*t. DM Gone Wrong. I hope that was his wife he was tweet sexing O_o. I’m just now getting over the Tiger Woods scandal now this.
My sister sent me this last night and I literally was on the floor (laughing that is). Apparently, NBA star Ray Allen sent out an erotic tweet and minutes later claimed his account was hacked.

Read more: Necole Livin’ the Bitchie Life….

Lakers: Artest hurt in fall at home, won't play

Lakers: Artest hurt in fall at home, won't play

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Gasol Agrees Extension With Lakers

Lakers vs Cavaliers Highlights Kobe Bryant 35 Points

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Lakers Shannon Brown Inadvertently Exposes Himself...Sexy!!

Laker's Shannon Brown is caught displaying a "full moon" as Derek Fisher is being interviewed...and you see Lamar Odom...I know Khloe is happy with "that"...I'm sure getting pregnant was no problem!LOL

That was a promo for his Cavaliers-Tenderizing-Celtics-Sterilizing-Magic-Hypnotizing-LeBron-Posterizing-Full-Moon-is-Rising Dunk.

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The First K-O-B-E (XMas '09)

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LADYVOLNATION The Road To Redemption Continues!!

LadyVolnation stand up!!! I know I haven't given you guys anything to read about our Ladyvols, but I was just waiting to get to this game, now here we are. I want to start by getting you guys to really look at the see the look on "The Enforcer's" face? Glory Johnson is focused guys, and this bodes well for our LadyVols team.
Tonight's opponent was the Texas Longhorns, who defeated our lady vols 73-59, and I just remember the looks on the longhorns faces...ARROGANCE...NO PITY...looking like beating them was nothing. Kat Nash in particular was quoted as saying "we knew we could win, if we played our hardest, we would win!" Well tonight that look from "The Enforcer" was pin pointed on Kat Nash..and the results were different. Kat Nash scored 5 points. The lock down defense played by Glory was just exceptional.
Angie Bjorklund has really begun to crank it up against the smaller defenders. Remember that has been my only "knock" against Angie's game..she wouldn't pull up against the smaller defenders and take her shot. Well in the past two games she has been doing just that, and the results are great for the team. She had 15pts tonight. And I don't know what else to say about "double s" Shekinna Strickly going to be the first one to get a triple double in a Lady Vols uniform. She definitely has played to a first team caliber. I am most impressed with her double digit if we can get those assists up, she will be unstoppable, which makes our team a "nightmare" for the opponent.
All I'm saying is if we can keep our intensity up..the road to redemption will give us a date with the Uconn Huskies, and the nation what it's been waiting for since 2006.

Dondria - Can't Stop ... RemembER ThiS?? :-)

Lakers vs Heat Highlights Kobe Bryant Clutch 4th Quarter

Kobe Bryant Beats The Heat right on the Buzzer!


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Lakers vs Hornets Highlights Andrew Bynum 21 points

Career High For Brewer LadyVols defeat GW 93-53

Associated Press
This time, Alyssia Brewer delivered with Kelley Cain sidelined by another injury.
Brewer scored a career-high 23 points, Glory Johnson had 16 points and 12 rebounds and No. 6 Tennessee beat George Washington 93-53 on Tuesday night.
Cain missed much of the Lady Volunteers' loss to Ball State in the opening round of the NCAA tournament last season after she hurt her knee. Brewer struggled in that one as Tennessee slipped to its worst postseason finish in history.
Cain suffered a concussion Saturday against UCLA, leaving the Lady Vols without their starting center against the Colonials. But Brewer finished with a strong effort, helping Tennessee (6-0) dominate inside.
"Last year it was the same scenario against Ball State, and I didn't step up like I needed to," Brewer said. "It's all in my hands if I carry it over or not. I plan on doing that, but I need to stay consistent."
Brewer got an earful from coach Pat Summitt regularly during practice last season as Tennessee struggled and was pushed hard during the team's physical offseason conditioning program.
"I think she needed this game," Johnson said. "Just watching her struggle in practice -- sometimes she'll do good things in practice, but she'll dwell on the negatives."
Johnson had a double-double by halftime and rested for much of the second half when Brewer took over. Shekinna Stricklen had 17 points.
"If we can rely on that, along with Kelley and Glory and Taber [Spani] doing some good things in the mix, I feel better about our post game," Summitt said.
Tennessee led 54-24 at the break and finished with 54 points in the paint.
Kay-Kay Allums led George Washington (2-4) with 16 points. Tiana Myers and Megan Nipe both had 11.
The Colonials dropped to 0-10 against Tennessee, but Allums thought it was a good experience for her team.
"I love playing against the best. To be the best, you've got to beat them," she said. Like Tennessee, George Washington has been forced to deal with injuries early in the season. The Colonials lost starting point guard Danni Jackson on Friday when she broke her left leg in a 78-47 loss to Michigan State.
"They lose a player, they replace her with another high school All-American," coach Mike Bozeman said. "I'm proud of the class that my young group came in here and played with."