Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This from ESPN’s Ric Bucher on his podcast today. No further details from Ric about when this inquiry incurred or what, if anything specific, the Lakers offered to give up. No handicapping from him, either, on the odds of a deal, so just throw it on the rumor pile.
For what it’s worth, a trade for Devin Harris would be pretty easy to get done under the salary cap. He makes a relatively modest $8.4 million this year and has three years (after this one) left on this contract.
A combination of Adam Morrison and either Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown would satisfy salary-matching rules and free up money for New Jersey to make their offseason free-agent push.

My thoughts on this trade happening is this: get it done Mitch, only if the deal does NOT include Shannon Brown. Devin Harris is definitely a point guard for the future. Devin is averaging 16pts/6asst, which would be a great boost in both departments for my Laker team at the point guard position. Honestly I believe this "rumor" because I know Mitch is looking for our next point guard to take over for Derek.Though Jordan Farmar has gotten better, he is just not consistent enough for this team. He has more of a score first mentality, and a player like Devin would  be like a kid in a candy store on this team, becoming an assist leader like Chris Paul, or even Steve Nash. I have a feeling the only thing "holding" up this deal, would be the Lakers reluctance to give up Shannon Brown in the deal. And no matter what Mitch, don't give up Shannon Brown!

Sidenote: Shannon Brown is set to co-star in singer Teyana Taylor's new video. Check out Teyana's tweets from earlier today between her and her assistant Eli

Shannon Brown with Jordan Farmar at Shannon's birthday party! Great Choice Teyana!

TeyanaTaylor rt @ELISHAH YES FOr having S.Brown12 FUCKING SEXY ASS in YOUr next VIDEO @TEYANATAYLOR , yesssssss,,i respect it. <

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