Monday, January 25, 2010

Lakers and Wolves In A Possible Trade: Ric Bucher reports

Adam, Sasha and Josh For Corey Brewer, Ryan Hollins and Mark Blount..... According to Ric Bucher & LD2K

Ok, looking at this "rumor" trade, what is the implication of it? Like what good would it do for my team (Lakers) in particular? See these type of trades are more likely to happen than not. One reason is the fact that Kurt Rambis is in Minnesota, and with a 9-36 record right now, I know he wouldn't mind helping us if he can. Corey Brewer is definitely and Ariza type player, quick, athletic, and if he would work with "shooting coach" Craig Hodges, possibly a good 3pt shooter, just like Trevor was for our team. Even though in this trade, we are giving up 2 descent 3pt shooters of our own, but this is definitely a money deal for the Lakers. Yet, Josh Powell has become the Ronny Turiaf of the Laker team. I watch him and Kobe before each game, and Josh is over there pumping Kobe up. So will that be a problem? I'm sure it won't as long as Kobe is winning. I trust Mitch in his decision making, even though I wish were going after Kirk Hinrich from the Bulls, but hey, do what is necessary Mitch. The LakerFam is behind ya.

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