Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hello Lakerfam,
well the playoffs have begun and we did not "roll" into them the way I'm sure we all hoped. it took a lot of focus and skill to get rid of the very athletic, young, and pesky Oklahoma City Thunder in 6 games, yet we triumphed.
Being a Laker fan for over 25yrs. now I seen the ups and downs of the team, and I will say this, as long as our 3 big men (Gasol, Bynum, & Odom) play well, we will repeat as champions. As Lebron and his elbow continue to garner attention, the Lakers are quietly getting their playoff legs under them. I'm not saying the Lakers are being over-looked completely, as the analyst do check to see if they have won or loss, but they are being completely counted out as repeat champions. Heck they have all but SNATCHED the title of "the best NBA player in the world" from Kobe, and all he does is continue to put his team in position to win championships. I mean really, I know we can continue to debate this all day on that point I will digress (it's useless...Kobe is but I'm not oblivious to how good Lebron is, or even will become further in his career. It's just upsetting when this guy has not won when it counted, and people love to blame it on his "lack of a team"...yet in the past two seasons he has had the best record in the NBA. What they should have said is that their superstar lacks a basketball assassin mentality. That's what separates the ELITE ones from the GREAT the (Jordan's to the Barkley's).
Even though I know this debate will on forever, I just ask that we wait till Kobe either stops being efficient, or stops winning rings.

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  1. After seeing how LA dismantled Utah I have even more respect for OKC and the manner in which the Thunder held their own against the defending champs.

    I'm hearing many people suggest Phoenix might defeat the Lakers but I just do not see it.

    I picked Magic/Lakers Finals before this season and this appears to be the business.

    It might remain this way, unless or until Lebron signs with Chicago.