Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hollywood Mogul Tyler Perry takes a moment to share his recipe for success. It's one that so many of us (and that includes Christians) forget daily. I continually tell young people daily, that you must know, understand, come into agreeance, and believe in the plan that God has for your life. Because it's the only SUCCESS plan that will truly equate to dream manifestation. People try so hard to do so many different things, but when God has given you a lane, you only need to expand that lane, not create totally different ones. That's not limiting you, it's just allows you to be the best "whatever" that you were created to be. Think about Tyler Perry, people says, his message is the same in every movie/play, but he continues to create those type of plays/movies. What I tell the people who say that is, maybe you "got it" so now it's time for you to go to the next level, but there are some who are still struggling and need to see/hear the message from these movies. No one ever says anything about Spielberg writing horror books, or Spike Lee making social type movies, because that's their lane. Ask yourself what is the lane God has given me? Listen to the inspiring messaging from Mr. Tyler Perry.

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