Saturday, February 11, 2012


Oh my goodness. After working a night shift, staying up for most of the day, falling asleep, I am awakened by a phone call, and the news is: "Is it true? Is Whitney Houston dead?" In my sleep state, I say NO. Whitney was just seen out with Ray J the other day, along with her being spotted to watch Brandy & Monica rehearse for their upcoming performance together. Then I hop up, and go over to Global14, and sure enough I see it is being reported by several credible news sources that the 48 year old Whitney Elizabeth Houston is dead.

There was shock, confusion, sadness, and anger that rose up in me. Why? It's not like I knew her personally right? Because just like Michael Jackson, Whitney was like your aunt, sister, mom, etc. Today, I don't want to see people talking about the drugs, the turmoil, bankruptcy, and any other rumor or whatever about THE VOICE! Instead, understand why she IS and forver will BE, the STANDARD that every female artist should try to attain.

My heart goes out to Bobbi Christina right now, as she was Whitney's only child, and has had issues of her own, I pray that the Holy Spirit will wrap her up in His arms right now and comfort her, and the rest of Whitney's family at this time. That includes Bobby Brown.

I also ask that God will please help us as a people to appreciate the gifts that He gives us, and rather than ridicule them, when they are down, or in their lowest state..that we will instead lift them up.

There is so much being said right now, first that Ray J is the one that found her, but now it's being reported that he was not the one who found her. I simply can't stop crying right now!

On the eve of music's biggest night, THE GRAMMY'S, one of the greatest to ever do it is gone. She sold over 170 million albums sold from the Bodyguard alone. She had 7 straight #1 hits, multiple grammy awards, & more.

Bobby Brown is with New Edition right now, on their way to Memphis to perform, and according to Johnny Gill is DEVASTATED and not doing well. That Bobbi Christina is definitely not doing well right now. (CNN)
Approximately 3:23pm Bevelry Hills Hotel made a call to 911. At 3:55pm (LA time), she was pronouced dead at the hotel. According to press conference by Beverly Hills Police. They have NO obvious signs of drug overdose at this time. The rescue squad arrived in 2 minutes and immediately began to perform CPR, and stopped within 20minutes. Which makes you believe that she may have been gone for awhile. (Mark Rosen...Beverly Hills Police)

The cause of death is not yet determined.

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