Monday, March 12, 2012


Finally, a new chapter can begin. When we last saw Dawn Richard and Aubrey O'Day in the same space, it was on the season finale of MTV's Making The Band, and the tension was so thicke you could cut it with a knife..uh it may have taken a hatchet. The two Alfa-females (lol) were not giving an inch to one another and that's never good, as it pertains to a group.

Danity Kane was the top selling female act created by none other than Diddy. We know with that being said..the group was almost destined to have some type of "break up" drama. The only problem with this drama, was the fact that watching the show, it was almost inevitable that Dawn & Aubrey would bump heads.

Well recently Aubrey let it be known on her twitter, that after several attempts to contact Dawn, she was able to have a talk with her. Check out the tweet below.

So the only question now is, will there ever be a Danity Kane reunion? I know it would take a lot of work behind the scenes, but this group had so much potential to become great, I would love to see them get it back together, at least for a reunion tour, that could spark even more for their solo careers.

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