Sunday, March 25, 2012



01. Love Me As I Have Loved You (prod. Ritz Reynolds)
02. Desperado (prod. ID Labs)
03. Loud (prod. ID Labs)
04. Thoughts From A Balcony (prod. Sap)
05. Aliens Fighting Robots (Feat. Sir Michael Rocks) (prod. Brandun Deshay)
06. Vitamins (prod. ID Labs)
07. Fight The Feeling (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Iman Omari) (prod. Iman Omari)
08. Lucky Ass Bitch (Feat. Juicy J) (prod. Lex Luger)
09. The Mourning After (prod. Two Fresh)
10. 1 Threw 8 (prod. Black Diamond)
11. Ignorant (Feat. Cam’ron) (prod. Cardo)
12. The Question (Feat. Lil Wayne) (prod. Wally West & ID Labs)
13. Angels (When She Shuts Her Eyes) (prod. Clams Casino)
14. Sunlight (Feat. Iman Omari) (prod. Teddy Roxpin)
15. Clarity (prod. ID Labs & Ritz Reynolds)
16. America (Feat. Casey Veggies & Joey Bada$$) (prod. Hannibal King)
17. Fuck ‘Em All (prod. ID Labs)


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