Friday, April 20, 2012


LaTocha Scott, from the platinum selling 90's group, Xscape, has returned with a new single, Bad Timing. I'm loving this new joint. LaTocha just has the voice that will make you listen if all she was singing was the alphabet. Of course it's hard for this blogger to hear songs from her and not think about how Xscape would possibly have been much bigger than Destiny Child ever was, had they stayed together. I'm so optimistic, and believe that when God can create a group like that, no one should be able to break it apart, not even the memembers of the group. He always say, pride comes before the fall, so all we need is for them to let it go, cause we need the GIFTS! Hey, that 90's sound is back, and with SWV recently releasing a new album (and it sounds good), I believe Xscape would fill the void that has been left open in the female group category. Sorry about the "soapbox," but my readers already know! Latocha definitely still has IT, support the single by copping it now on Itunes.

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