Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Uh can you say, #1 on the R/B charts again for the songstress Monica? Well if you can't, I will! Monica's new album: New Life, has it all. With the success she is having from the first single, with Brandy, "All Belongs To Me," Her in studio chemistry with Rico Love cannot be denied. So with that being said let me tell you how she pulled me all the way in with, Daddy's Good Girl. The song, which was produced by Rico Love is sure to be a hit, if they make it an official single. Take a listen, and PLEASE GO TO ITUNES AND PREORDER THIS ALBUM. If you love R/B, Monica is giving it to you just the way you like it. Just like with her previous album, Still Standing, Monica is as open, truthful, meaningful, and pure with her music as she can be...please just get the your girl. :-)

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