Saturday, April 28, 2012


Nasir Jones, strikes again. You know everyone has there all time favorite rapper, and when you ask a group of people to name the top 5 rappers of all time, it's hard to make the list and not include Nas. Why? Simple, his music reflects exactly who he is. This time Nas drops a new single from his upcoming album, Life Is Good, called Daughters. In the song, the legendary rapper gets personal, and speaks about his relationship with his oldest daughter Destiny. Honestly I think it's a great expression of his relationship with his child. But unfortunately, it seems that his baby momma thinks of the song as a disappointment, siting that Nas only spoke of his daughter in a negative light, versus the good things about her. To me it just seems that she may be blowing this a little bit out of proportion. I can understand her maybe feeling some type of way about her childs life being put on display, but at the same time, I can simply hear Nas putting his feelings on wax, which is what most artist do, well the good ones anyway. Check out the song, and tell me if you think it's a disappointment?

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