Sunday, May 27, 2012


I know it can be hard to figure out who you are and what's your purpose in life, but its only hard because we don't know the questions to ask, and who to ask that can lead us in the right direction. Well let me tell you, the question is to be directed to the CREATOR. Yes, Im talking about God, your Father in heaven. He knows why He decided that you would be needed on the earth, therefore He knows exactly what you were created to do in this world. It is, however, your job to communicate with HIM to find out what that purpose is.

God is not this far away illusion created in people mind in order to help them be a better person. He is absolutely real, just the fact that Earth exists is a testimony to that.

Why does it even matter if you become who you were destined to be or not? Because your life is not your own. You becoming who you were destined to be, will in some way shape or form, help someone else. We are all connected in some way...(read 1cor15). We all have a part to play in this world, to see the kingdom of God displayed in the earth.

So while you are out there grinding to become filthy rich, famous, or whatever, stop and ask God what is His plan for your life. I guarantee you it will make you the most successful you could ever be.

As long as you live, there will always be problems, situations, or experiences you wish you didnt have, but these are there to grow you! Just keep going forward, BELIEVING. Put all of your grind into the plan God has for your life, trusting Him all the way, and watch the manifestation of the greatness within you!

It would be a complete travesty if you were to live your whole life, never becoming who God destined you to be. The question then becomes if you can fall in love with God's wisdom concerning you? Say yes to the cup He has destined for you to drink, knowing that when you see HIM, there is no doubt that He will say: Enter into my kingdom, my good and faithful servant.



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