Thursday, May 10, 2012


Okay I really am ready for Chris to just release his new album, Fortune, because he has too much time on his hands. Now by no means am I saying that Chris has no rap skills, but I would just want the Pop star to keep handling his business. I remember when I first seen this kid come on the scene, my thought was, Usher better watch out, because Chris is coming for his head (crown). And now after everything he has gone through, I have watched this young man change (not always for the better), it's as if the media has simply made him flip. Meaning, he is so determined to not allow what others think to influence his life, that the no boundaries sometimes cause him to look bitter, and angry. The 2 remixes, Mercy and Theraflu,  you get to hear the r/b uh rapper go IN. Dang when did Rihanna become that "that B*tch"...wasn't she just wishing him a happy birthday?

Theraflu (remix)

Mercy (freestyle)

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