Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Usher Raymond! Where do I start? Let me just say that Usher continues to push the limits with his music. The superstar constantly reminds his fans that he's not simply an R/B singer, but rather a Pop icon. All of his accolades speak for themselves, but I do hope that he does not forget completely his roots as one of the greatest in r/b. I know it has felt like a long time ago since we have heard an r/b record from him with any resemblance of say, "Burn" or "Confessions" but maybe we the fans just need to get over it? I don't know, but I need something to appease me right now...but nonetheless I'm sure Scream will become #1. Enjoy the video.

Buy: Usher-Looking For Myself
Buy: Usher-Scream

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