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Meek Mill took the time out to call into the Q Deezy show to address Pastor Jomo K. Johnson's thoughts that he has blasphemed the name of Christ in his song Amen. During the interview what I continue to here Meek say is all the "good" he doing in the hood (Philly) from passing out coats, giving out shoes and the such. He makes claims that he believes the only reason the pastor called him out was to gain fame and popularity, or possibly get more money for his church. But I was quickly able to gain understanding after Meek said these words: "I don't even believe in all that! I don't even believe in God." When I heard him admit these words, it explained everything. Why he was so defensive, talking over the pastor, not wanting to hear anything he had to say, believing that good deeds alone makes him good. To speak about how committed his grandmother is to the church, but saying she was not even phased by his music.

"From my understanding and my look at it, it's looking like you're trying to get famous or you need some attention because you could've came to me and you could've said anything you wanted to say and I might've helped you," the rapper said. "If you wanted me to send money for your church, I might've would've gave you that money, or I might've would've even remixed the song [to your liking] ...
"You went about it and you went like you're looking for attention and fame ... I'm out here feeding my family, and for you to be out talking about you trying to ban me - I took 20-30 drug dealers off the streets, I'm out there passing them coats out to these kids, where was you at?"
While Jomo tried to make his point, Meek became upset, revealing that he doesn't believe in God, but still gives back to the community, and accusing the pastor of trying to "bring another black man down."
"I don't know if you're losing your mind or you're getting too deep into these books, but you're losing your mind. I'm out here making my money for my family. I don't believe in none of that stuff you're talking about, so don't even say it to me. I don't even believe in God, so I don't want to hear none of that ... I'm talking about reality, what's going on now ... [you] not God, [you] can't judge me ... nobody ever heard of you until today; you're trying to bring another Black man down to try and get some credibility."-Meek Mill

Now let me state that I don't know Meek Mill personally, nor Pastor Jomo K. Johnson, so I'm simply speaking by the Word, and according to what I hear them both saying in this interview. In the new millennium the Word of God & who He Is, has become more and more desensitized, disrespected, not taken seriously, then any generation before. It's as if now, everything is allowed. Whatever makes you FEEL good, has to be good. *Tears* it's not how God deemed this to be from the beginning. Let me say this, and please mark these words, whether a thing is right or wrong has nothing to do with how you feel. Emotions are the most fickle part of a human. They change constantly. It's what you KNOW(Truth) that helps one to determine right or wrong. In this conversation, Meek made reference to being judged. It's funny how someone who openly admits to not even believeing in God,  when he stated [you] not God, [you] can't judge me. This tell me that he does know that God is real, it's just that he does not walk with God.

See people should not be fooled by his passion in his voice when he speaking about all the good he has done in the hood, because this is what most of us do...but it's NOT what determines our relationship with God, and where we will spend eternity. If that's all it took, then there would be no need for Christ to have come and died for our sins. Although we should strive to do good, we must understand how to lift up the name of Jesus Christ.

I guess the reason I'm speaking on this is simply because, when a person of stature(power, influence over a generation...meek mill, rick ross, jay z, beyonce etc...) they must understand that the words they speak are being held in the deepest regards by those listening...and in Matthew 12: 33-37, Jesus makes it known that by our words we will be judged! He states: by your words you will be justified or by your words you will be condemned. We must understand that just because a christian stands up and begins to speak according to the word, that they are judging a person to heaven or hell, therefore they are wrong. It's a christian's duty to lead people to Christ.

See believe it or not, what we watch, what we listen to, is feeding our spirit. "As A Man think in his heart so is he." (Proverbs 23:7) Why does the bible say that, because what you meditate on continually is the way your heart will turn. For example, when you begin to comtemplate on killing someone then do's why it's called pre-meditated thought on those things until you acted them out. When you are can say that certain things an artist says in their music, is just are fooling yourself. Heck music is one of the most infuential art forms created. So what a person is saying means alot. Think about some of your favorite when Mary J. Blige came out with My Life...that has been one of my all time favorite albums because I was going through some of the same things she was singing about, therefore able to STUCK. When the germans heard Hitler speak about massacreing the Jews, those words he spoke caused an entire nation to believe what they were doing was right! Open up your ears/eyes to know what the spirit is saying. Is it because at the beginning he says: I just want to thank God...people come on, let's not be silly now, or think of God as something He is not!

I'm not JUDGING anyone, I'm simply stating that just because a christian checks someone of influence on what they are saying...doesn't mean they are trying to be holier than thou, it may simply mean: "I have been where you are, thought the same way, but by the grace of God, I have come to know the error of my ways, and I simply want to pass the wisdom on to you." I mean would it have made a difference to Meek if the Pastor had more money than he did? Would he have listened then? Is anything sacred anymore? Have we thrown out all that our grandparents/great grandparents have tried to teach us about Christ? *tears*

People Wake Up!

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