Monday, July 16, 2012


MTV's Making the band, male platinum group, Day26, have officially called it quits. This comes as no suprise to me. Every since the releasal of the youngest member Anthony Que Mosley, I for one was no longer a fan of them as a group. They released an official statement. Check it out.

“It is with great sadness and deep pain that we regret to inform you that effective immediately, Atlantic Records Platinum recording group, DAY26 have decided to take a break from the group and focus on their own individual projects. On behalf of all the members; Willie, Mike, Rob, Brian and even Que, we would like to thank all of the “fams” aka fans, dj’s across the world, promoters, radio programmers, Bad Boy Entertainment, Starstruck Management, BET, VH1 and FUSE and all DAY26 supporters in general, for your unending support throughout these years.”

“We would also like to acknowledge that this journey would have not been made possible without the vision and mastermind of Sean “Diddy” Combs and of course MTV Networks for making a group of unknown men, the stars that they are today.”
“We simply thank you from the bottom of our hearts and really want you to know that the journey does not end here. We continue to wish each other the very best and continued success in all of our individual endeavors, and all we ask of you is to please give each member a chance and the opportunity to shine in whatever they do.”
…And as the saying goes, this is not a goodbye, but a simply see you later.
God bless you all,
Much Love, DAY26. (Source)
Even though I can't understand why groups can't learn how to work with one another in order to make great music is beyond me. With 2 platinum albums under their belt, I guess success was too much for them..smh. Now we will need to see what they will offer the music industry individually.

My favorite joint from Day26 is a joint written by none other than former couple, Dawn Richard (formely of Danity Kane) & Anthony Que Mosely-Perfectly Blind.

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