Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Ciara has had her fans (CSquad) working hard this past week attempting to unlock the cover art for her next single that she is slated to release entitled, Sorry. The r&b/pop singer, definitely has a great marketing team behind her, and most importantly a fan base that believes in her. Her new album, One Woman Army, is slated to be released in November, and I for one am intrigued, and ready to put my money up for this one. I have been a Ciara fan since she stepped on the scene. I must admit I miss the days of the Princess of Crunk R&B, but now that she has revealed the "10 Things You Don't Know About Me" which included being called that...I will no longer give her that title. I want to see where she is going with this new album, attitude, um evolution. I just pray it doesn't take her futher away from the connection she built with the die-hards from the beginning. Anxiously awaiting to see the "real" Ciara stand up. Check out a single that leak called Livin It Up. The uptempo joint is definitely worth giving a listen.

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