Friday, September 7, 2012


 It's the "greeting" heard around the world. First let me start by saying, if you did not see Rihanna's opening act for the MTV Video Music Awards, you truly missed a show. I have grown to become a Rihanna fan every since her very candid interview with Oprah, and I did not expect to see a show like that. Now we know she may not be a powerhouse vocally, but the We Found Love star, actually showed some decent dance skills during her performance. Heck I was up jamming with her, even saying "go head Rihanna" lol. She performed her new single, Cockiness (Remix) featuring A$ap Rocky, who made sure he got a "feel" in during the which it look to me like Rih wasn't "feeling" that at all, but hey.


Now on to the embrace. Rihanna won the biggest award of the night, MTV's Video of the Year, for "We Found Love" featuring Calvin Harris (who coincidentally) she forgot to thank during her acceptance speech. As she was walking back to her seat, an exclusive camera caught her as she seen Chris & went over to him, where he promptly stood (seemingly gave her a peck on the cheek), but defintely gave her a friendly hug (I say friendly because he used the 1 arm tactic to do so, no full embrace) at least by Chris. And yet I felt as if they both were extremely's like a weight lifted off their shoulders. To be honest, I truly believe that the only reason Chris Brown showed up was to support Rihanna, and for that moment in public. Her acknowledgement of him, first speaking on her feelings with Oprah, but then in public...they just changed the hearts and minds of a "few" people.

Get ready because you are really about to catch some moments with these two. Maybe it's why Chris decided not to bring his girlfriend? (No I'm not saying they broke up, or breaking up)


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