Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Oh my goodness. I have a feeling the healing for Mrs. Raymond is not ready to take place just yet, here is a clip of her ET exclusive interview. In the clip she's discussing the issue of Usher cheating with her bridesmaid.

With all that Tameka has gone through in the past 4months, the passing of her son Kile, as a result of a jet ski accident, then losing custody of her two young sons to Usher, I give her credit that she's still able to carry on. As someone who lost a child of my own, I understand some of what she is going through. I really just hope that she will take the necessary time she needs to just allow God to truly heal her! Before doing anything else, another interview, going back to court, making any attempts to defend her character...anything! Just let God heal her. But I have a feeling this is probably the mild version of what she's going to reveal in this interview.

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