Sunday, October 28, 2012


Mercedes Russell has narrowed her choices of where she will play ball for the next 4 years down to the University of Tennessee & Louisville. The 6'5 Center is the #1 recruit for the class of 2013. Mercedes visited Tennessee last weekend, and spent this weekend visiting Louisville, and is expected to make the announcement during a pep rally at 5:30pm (est).

As a Lady Vols fan for over 25years, I am praying that she chooses Tennessee. With the announcement of legendary coach Pat Summitt retiring because of being diagnosed with early onset dementia, it seems that top recruits are just not sure what to expect from long time assistant Holly Warlick. Well I would say, more of the same. Holly has been an apprentice to Pat for over 25 years. Pat Summitt philosophies, and the foundation she built are engrained in Holly. Yet, coach will have her own way of implementing what she learned from Pat.

Mercedes is the labeled as the 2nd coming of Candace Parker, so I know she has to come and put on that orange/white/blue jersey. She will have one of the top guards in the country (Ariel Massengale) throwing her passes in the lane where she will be in position to score easily. And she will have at that time a senior shooting guard named Meighan Simmons who will keep the defense from doubling down on her.

I do believe that when this dominoe falls (Mercedes announces her school) we will see a slew of players making announcements. I mean who wouldn't want to be on the court with her as their teammate? Like Pat once said about Parker: "All I knew was that I surely didn't want to have to play against her for 4 years." Heck you see the look on the Brazilian players face...yep sure fright! I want Mercedes Russell on my team in 2013!

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