Thursday, November 29, 2012


Well here is a lovely picture that Rihanna placed on her Instagram...her hugging Chris Brown! Why is this even news? Simply put: Rihanna is tired of hiding her feelings, her desires, and all when it comes to Chris! She's finally at a place where she says, if you all don't buy another album I'm going to live my life. See it's funny to me how everyone is more concerned with her relationship rather their aunties, mothers, sisters who may have experienced a domestic violence situation. One thing everyone should learn the only life you can live is your own! And the only life you should judge is your own. For anyone who pronounce sentence on either of them (especially if you call yourself Christian) you better read Romans 1,2..judgement is something don't want to do! Instead pray that that nothing like that ever happens again. An let them live! Whatever the outcome they both have made decisions to deal with that.

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