Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The beautiful black queen that is Lauryn Hill recently stopped through Dallas during the "Life Is Good/Black Rage Tour" with Nas, and she dropped knowledge. She spoke concerning all of the rumors that have come out concerning her lately, such as ex-band mate, Wyclef Jean spoke in his recently published book that Lauryn lied to him concerning who was the father of her first child. Up unto this point the Iconic figure has not spoken a word in response to those rumors, but in Dallas she had this to say (transcript courtesy of NecoleBitchie)

When you are on the other side of liberation, just make sure you are not late. Be careful how you judge, there is a lot of deception out there. A lot of misunderstanding out there. A lot of miscommunication out there. A lot of false information out there.  And notice, out of all the people who talk talk talk, who’s the silent one.  There’s a lot of chat, but me….
And you know why? Let me tell you why I don’t chat back.  Because I know that my brothers and my sisters are often times pawns in a bigger scheme so when they, under pressure, attack me, I love them still.  It’s called the high road. Try taking it sometimes.
I’m not going to play my hand like the suppressive system would have me play my hand. Because I know [about] the oppression that took place in Haiti, and Jamaica, and America, and Africa and Europe. So just be patient. The truth always surfaces and especially, all you black folks out there who have had black mothers who carried you through thick and thin, when the system wanted to call them crazy, just remember that…
You know I know I’m not crazy, that’s why I can use the word so freely. Crazy like a fox? Ahead of the curve. People don’t like people that’s ahead of the curve but unfortunately that’s not my problem.

Everytime Lauryn speaks my ears perk up because I know there will be something I can learn. Although she mad platinum hits with the Fugees, it's her one & only solo album that lifted her to superstardom: The MisEducation of Lauryn Hill.  But for me it was after her haitus, then the return to the MTV Unplugged stage that truly captivated my spirit. Right then I knew we had another musical genuis in our mist. It's always startling to me how we (African-Americans) criticize, judge, demean, ridicule etc our brightest stars. Some to the brink of death. With most of our information coming from news sources that's simply out to make a buck, along with making our culture look worse. Some didn't make it, Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston just to name two...and yet we have others such as Lauryn, R. Kelly, Prince who, were not for the strength they possess with their acknowledgement of Christ, who knows where they would be.

See we must focus on the gifts they were giving to share with the world. We are not to judge their lives as the sum total of who they are. One action doesn't define you (Chris Brown). Yet how a person lives the life God has called them too. Thank You Lauryn for not falling victim to society/industry traps...we need you.

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