Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So So Def's r/b princess, Dondria, teamed up with Tyra B (Giving Me A Rush), & Bliss (Only One For Me) to cover Amerie's hit song: I Just Died. The ladies drop a perfect vocal on this cover, and what can I say about Dondria? She's 25, and on her grown woman now. I must say I can't wait to see her continue to come out of her shell. And Tyra B has not lost a thing! Oh my goodness she started this cover off right. And I'm falling in love with the group Bliss more and more with each song they drop. Check out the video below...and be sure to download.

Sidenote the ladies got the stamp of approval from the original singer..check out Amerie's response to the video.

Download: Tyra B, Dondria, Bliss-I Just Died (Cover)

Buy: Amerie-I Just Died

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  1. Beautiful song from a beautiful album! Good job girls!