Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Whoa! Let me just keep it real for a minute. I was NOT a Rihanna fan before the Oprah's Next Chapter Interview. Now don't get me wrong, there were certain "singles" she had that I had to cop, for instance: Take A Bow, Hard, & Rehab were all worthy of a slot on my Ipod. I really don't even know why I wasn't a fan...but it all went away when I seen her talking to Oprah. She was so vulnerable, forthright, and simply: Robyn. From then on, I decided to take a listen to her know on another level. Well copping, Talk That Talk album, caused me to go back and get every last album, since the beginning. I know right...amazing? Then I started to see this barrage of media that invades her every move, and yet she's not fazed (or is she?). I really believe she isn't but for this reason...the 24yr old pop superstar, is living life her way. Whatever that means..she has decided that whatever she wants you to don't have to wait for the paparrazi to catch her slipping...she puts her instagram to work Well with her 7th studio album: Unapologetic, which debut at #1 in the US (her first #1 album in the states), I have it on repeat! Yes repeat. It's as if she gave a road map to her life...and you realize hey she is not so different. A woman, looking for love, desiring passion, a zest for life, and most importantly unwilling to allow anyone else to dictate for her ever again. (She did back in 2009 after the situation with Chris)..but nope not this time..Rihanna is doing things her way..and yes her swag is on a trillion! Check out her performance at the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show, as she performs two songs from her latest album: Diamonds & Fresh Off The Runway. Tell me she doesn't make you want see more? You better WALK RIRI!
She put the stamp on how swagged out she is with this peformance. I mean she got the models hyped walking out, she touching one...dancing, and the FACE SHE GIVES WHEN SHE WALKS THE RUNWAY...ah well JUSTIN BIEBER face says it all at the end!

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