Thursday, January 31, 2013


Good morning everyone! I just wanted to take a moment and share with you all today the importance of understanding and knowing what God has gifted you (as women) with in the form of a dowry!

What is a dowry you may ask? Well a dowry is defined as: the money, goods, or estate that a WIFE brings to her husband at marriage.

Now as for me, I had no idea what the word meant until one day while in prayer The Lord said to me: " I have given you a dowry fit for a king." I was frantically searching for the dictionary to get the meaning of the word and the above is what I found. Imagine how ecstatic I was. Just thinking about the fact of how blessed physically I would be by the time I met my husband. I mean The Lord has blessed me with a nice home, car, job etc so hey I would definitely be a great addition to a man. And yet that was not what God was speaking about. See we must remember that our FATHER is Spirit, therefore it's the spirit(ours) that HE is speaking to in this case. What He let me know is that I have been designed with a specific set of gifts/talents that will enhance the one He created me to help.

Let me say it this way..."So what do we know about a woman (wife)-she is a suitable(appropriate, fitting, becoming) helper for her mate. It's as if she is tailored made for him. Not just tailored made for any guy, but THE ONE she's made for specifically. I know a lot of people don't believe that there is one person for everyone (mainly because it makes it seem impossible to end up with them but that's only because we don't want to involve the MATCHMAKER who knows where they are) but I believe there is. These things transcend emotions, it reaches to the depth of the woman. What she's carrying in her "WELL" is there for him to drink from daily! He can trust it not to harm him but only elevate him."

See a woman's well should run deep! She must constantly keep fresh water in her well...and never let it dry up. The dowry given to her by God will NOT BE SUITABLE for any and every man. Which is why in some relationships you find that either he doesn't understand you, abuses the gifts, or try to stifle them altogether. And at that the point the woman is restless, unengaged, and the water in the well is turning BITTER.

Ladies trust me you have been given a dowry from your FATHER to give to your husband! It is such a great dowry that the man you were chosen to help would do nothing to jeopardize it leaving him! He will draw "water" from it daily and will not look to drink from other wells. Understanding that when he does he has jeopardized his own FAVOR! So please take a moment and seek the FATHER and ask Him what does my dowry entail? And who is it for? Submit before Him and say I will not settle nor give my dowry to a man it's not meant for because I know the power it possess and how it will bring glory to your name as my husband is elevated before you.

Ladies if you want to know the characteristics of the "king" God has for you, read Proverbs 31:1-9! This does not mean that he is perfect...but you were made to fit him perfectly.

Be blessed-Margo


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